10 Habits Our Grandparents Had That Need to Make a Comeback

Cooking from Scratch

Our grandparents cooked most of their meals from scratch, using fresh, whole ingredients.


Many of our grandparents had vegetable gardens in their backyards, which provided fresh produce and a sense of self-sufficiency. 

Our grandparents often wrote handwritten letters to stay in touch with loved ones, which provided a personal touch and a sense of connection that is often lost in today's digital age. 

Handwritten Letters

Our grandparents often mended clothes instead of throwing them away, which not only saved money but also promoted sustainability and resourcefulness. 

Mending Clothes

Spending Time Outdoors

Our grandparents spent a lot of time outdoors, whether it was gardening, taking walks, or simply enjoying nature. 

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Floral Pattern

Reading Books

Our grandparents often read books for pleasure and education, which provided a sense of intellectual stimulation and a break from other work. 

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