10 Gen Z Phrases That Annoys Or Confuses Older Generation

I Love That for You

The phrase “I love that for you” has become a popular way to show support and encouragement. 

Cap or Bussin

Gen Z has a unique way of expressing enthusiasm and approval, often using words like “cap” and “bussin” or typing words with sparkles or stars around them. 

“Ok Boomer” to a Millennial

While “Ok Boomer” was originally directed at baby boomers, it has become a catch-all phrase for anyone who seems out of touch or old-fashioned, including millennials. 


The word “bussin” has become a popular way to describe something that is really good or enjoyable. 

Skull Emoji When Something is Funny

The skull emoji has become a popular way to indicate that something is so funny it’s “deadly.” Many still don’t get it. 

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