10 Daycare Teachers Share Dubious Things Parents Have Said To Them

by arnienicola.com

Here are some of the scariest things parents have said to daycare teachers. 

No Napping

“I’d actually prefer they don’t nap. Can you accommodate that?” Young children that don't nap usually act up the most, which makes the daycare's job harder. 

Sick Parents

One person said, "As (the parent) is handing me her ten month old she says, “Dad and I will be home all day since we’ve both got the flu.” 

Gifted Child

'“Johnny acts out like that because he’s bored. We think he’s gifted.” Meanwhile Johnny is four and can’t identify a circle, doesn’t recognize his name and holds his pencil upside down.' 

Sleepless Nights

""She/he was up all night!" Extra scary if the kid is still in their pajamas." Again, sleepless children are the worst to deal with. 

Blaming the Teacher

"My kid isn't misbehaving, you are just a horrible teacher. You've had it out for my kid since you started here because you're racist."