Have An Easy Breezy Pregnancy With These Simple Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy could be a rough ride, and more so when it’s your first pregnancy! Keep these tips in mind to have an easy breezy pregnancy.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnant woman taking vitamins
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This one is basic, and probably the first thing anyone will tell you to do, and for good reason. The growing baby inside of you will require many things from your body, and taking prenatal vitamins will ensure that your baby gets all the nutrients he or she will need. Start your pregnancy off right with a prenatal vitamin, and remember that it’s recommended that the mother take prenatal vitamins before conceiving and even up until after birth, as long as she’s breast feeding.

Pregnancy Safe Skincare

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When you’re pregnant, your skin becomes way more sensitive than normal, which is why experts advice against using harsh ingredients on your skin, such as retinoids and salicylic acid. Instead of using harsh ingredients, opt for gentler ingredients, such as Hylauronic Acid, and Vitamin E. Of course, throughout all of these, don’t forget to keep using your sunscreen!

In all honesty, as someone who is used to a multi-step skincare routine, I cut back my skincare and really simplified it by using one moisturizer at night, and sunscreen in the morning. Don’t forget to also moisturize your body!

Don’t Forget Your Makeup

woman applying makeup
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One of the things that instantly makes me feel better, even though I’m suffering through nausea, or general tiredness as you do in pregnancy, is putting makeup on! Don’t get me wrong, putting makeup on can feel like such a chore, especially during the brutal first trimester, however, after getting all dolled up, I can guarantee that you will instantly feel better!

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Maternity Dresses

maternity dress
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…Or maternity clothing in particular, whichever makes you most comfortable. I generally prefer dresses over pants—something about a flowy or fitted dress made just for expectant mamas just accentuates a belly full of life so beautifully!

Prenatal Yoga

prenatal yoga
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As many will tell you, it is so important to keep moving during pregnancy. But if you are anything like me and has a desk job where you have to sit 9 hours a day, and have no interest in going to the gym, then I highly recommend doing some prenatal yoga! There are so many free routines on YouTube; I also highly suggest inviting (forcing) your partner or husband to join you!


pregnant woman relaxing
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Rest. Take a nap. Watch TV. Do what you need to do to feel rested and relaxed. Being pregnant is no joke. There are a million and one changes happening in your body, and growing a baby takes up so much energy. So, when you feel like you need it, take the time you need to relax. If you are normally a busy bee, listen to your body and rest when you feel like you need to.

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Comfortable Shoes

comfortable slippers
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Not all women increase in shoe size during pregnancy, but many of us do. I know for myself, I’ve gone up a whole shoe size since I got pregnant (thanks edema) that I actually had to purchase shoes that were a size larger than my normal size. On that note, if you can, don’t trade comfort for price. I was adamant on purchasing an inexpensive pair or slides, but my husband ultimately convinced me to purchase the most comfortable ones we could find, and I am so thankful I went that route! With all the discomfort that pregnancy brings, having things that will make you comfortable will go a long way.

Celebrate Every Milestone

pregnant woman happy
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Being pregnant is a beautiful thing! Your body is changing daily, and there may be days that you feel way too tired to show up. However, being pregnant only lasts a season, so don’t forget to celebrate every milestone! Each trimester, each month that passes brings you closer to meeting your baby, and this is a cause for celebration! Also, don’t forget to celebrate feeling baby’s kick for the first time, finding out the gender of the baby, or finally deciding on the perfect name. Your celebrations don’t need to be big and elaborate– sometimes, simply being grateful for reaching each milestone is good enough.

Listen to Advice, But Don’t Get Too Hung Up!

Pregnant woman conversation
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Yes, I get it. Every mom, aunt, cousin and stranger on the street has an opinion on your growing belly. From what to eat, and what to wear, and how to walk up and down stairs. Personally I do like to listen to these advice, because some of them could be helpful. But truthfully, no one will blame you if you tune out most of the time. It’s your pregnancy, and you know yourself the best. Follow what you think is right, and consult your doctor when in doubt, but don’t ever feel pressured to follow all the advice being thrown your way.

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