7 Regrets Older Parents Have From Their Youth

Parenting is often very difficult but it also has very endearing moments. As children grow up, parents often look back and reflect on things they wish they had done differently. Here are some things parents regret not doing when their children were younger.

Being More Relaxed

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“I regret worrying, wondering, stressing and thinking about all the things all the time.”

“In the grand scheme of things, he didn’t have to drink that exact number of ounces in that exact amount of time every single time or else the world would end. He didn’t have to do every single thing every single way it was recommended.”

Taking Professional Family Photos

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“I regret not taking more professional family photos. I wish we had done one every 18 month is or so.”

Talking to Kids Like People

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“Kids are fascinating, personalities in their own right with their own hopes, fears and aspirations.”

Spending More Time with Kids

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One person shared that her dad wished he had done more activities with his children. “He shared with me 2 years ago or so that he wished he’d “done more” with us.”

Balancing Work and Family

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Another shared a conversation she had with her late father. “Before he passed, my dad told me he regretted having spent so much time at work.”

Being A Stay At Home Mom

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“I regret not being a stay at home mom. I worked 60-100 hour weeks most of the time and I hate myself for it because I missed so much before my oldest started school.”

Praising Effort Over Intelligence

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“I regret telling them they were intelligent,” one person shared. She said her kids are “intellectually kind of lazy, unwilling to devote hard work to studies.”

“I’ve since been told, and I believe, that it is better to praise and reward kids for the effort they put in than for the intellectual smarts they display. If effort brings a reward, kids will make that effort.”

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