The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gifts For Expecting Dads in 2024

In the excitement of finding out about a pregnancy, mom and baby are usually at the spotlight, while dads are usually left in the background. In fact, according to, it’s pretty common for men to feel left out during pregnancy. However, this doesn’t mean that dads are not important– after all, they provide the necessary support system for mom as she goes into labour, and is an integral part of the family once baby is home (I’m talking about sharing the night-time duty for those sleepless nights!)

Whether you’re expecting and want to give a special gift to your significant other, or one of your loved ones is expecting his first child, this list will give you a great list of gift ideas for expecting dads. Spoiler alert: you can also get great funny gift ideas for expectant dads, and a lot of these are useful gifts for expecting dads as well!

Pregnancy book (made specifically for dad)

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If you are looking for a book for a new dad, this should be first on your list, most especially if the happy couple are earlier on in their pregnancies. Written by Adrian Kulp, this is straightforward and is an easy to digest read for new dads that combines humour with real and relevant information that the new parent will need. This is a great father to be gift from amazon.

New Dad gift package

gift package
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What better way to let the future dad know that you share in their excitement than a new dad care package? If you are considering giving a care package, you can either put one together by yourself so that it’s completely customized, or you can go the easy route and source a completed box from Etsy! There are plenty of awesome expectant father gift packages available on Etsy, but we thought this is a cool one to give the dad-to-be.

New dad mug

coffee mug for dad
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We love Etsy around here for all things personalized! A standard gift to give the new dad is a coffee mug, but why not go the extra mile and customize it with the year the baby will be born?

Skincare set

skincare set
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Who ever said skincare is just for women are so last century. This is such a useful gift for the expecting dad. These days, men also care about their skin (sometimes, more so than their female counterparts!) New dads will definitely be losing sleep with a newborn in tow, so they will definitely need the self care products to keep up with their skin. This one from Clinique is our pick for its simplicity – I mean, it can’t get any simpler than face wash, shaving cream and moisturizer. Because we all know that most men won’t bother with a 10 step skin care routine, am I right?

Sleep mask and ear plugs

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This product will be so helpful once the new dad goes back to work after baby’s arrival. Of course, we think dads should have their fair share of taking care of the baby, but for the nights when dad really needs his sleep, this is a great gift. This wrap around sleep mask from Amazon is soft, doesn’t mark your face and is effective at blocking out all the light. The mask is fully adjustable and doesn’t put pressure on your ears when wearing it. Plus, it comes with ear plugs that you can then secure in with the wrap-around design!

Pajama pants (for lounging)

pajama pants
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For the first few weeks or months of baby’s life, you might find that rather than have a date night out, you will opt to stay in. This means that a comfortable set of pants to lounge around in will be essential for you and the new dad. This set of pajama pants is made of flannel, is soft, warm and comfortable.

Indoor slippers

Indoor slippers
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If you live in cold climate, this will be a great gift for the new dad-to-be. This pair of slippers has memory foam which provides ultra comfort for lounging around the house. It’s also made of good quality rubber sole which means it can be useful for wearing indoors and outdoors. It’s also very warm which makes it the perfect thing to wear around the home during the winter season.

Nespresso machine

nespresso machine
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Here’s another useful gift for the expecting dad. If coffee was life before having a baby, now with a baby it’s even more important. That’s why we thought a gift guide for expecting dads won’t be complete without adding a Nespresso machine to the mix. It’s easy and simple, perfect for those sleep deprived mornings.

Travel coffee mug

travel coffee mug
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We love this gift idea! Going with the idea that dads have little to no sleep with a newborn, coffee and a coffee mugs obviously go hand in hand in helping a new dad out. This 12 ounce travel mug from Hydroflask is great at keeping hot or cold beverages at the right temperature without the risk of spilling all over yourself or the car when drinking on the go. Plus, it’s BPA and Phthalate-free. The cup handle is just an added bonus!

Babywearing hoodie

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This babywearing hoodie is a thoughtful gift idea for the future dad in your life. It has a zip-off pouch that fits over a baby carrier which will allow the future dad to wear his baby outside without getting both baby and dad cold. It’s made of soft, fleece finish which makes it more comfortable to wear. The great thing about this sweater is that the insert comes off to become a regular sweater when you don’t need to wear baby.

Daddy and me books

baby book
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Baby books are a favourite gift to new parents, but most baby books are centred around mommy and baby. If you’re looking to give a gift that’s out of the ordinary, why not give a daddy and me book to the expecting parents? The future dad will surely appreciate it.

Personalized baby book

baby reading book
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Moving along with the same theme of giving ‘daddy and me’ books to the new dad to be, why not go a step further and give a personalized book for a truly memorable gift?

Star map

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If you’d like to give a more sentimental gift, why not get a print out of the star map of the day that the new baby was born? The new dad can frame it on the wall of the nursery!

Birth Poster

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We absolutely love this idea! Getting a 1:1 illustration of your baby is not only aesthetically pleasing to frame in the nursery but can also be a great keepsake when the baby is older to show her exactly how big she/he was when they were born.

Personalized keychain

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If you are looking for something personalized but a bit more subtle, there are plenty of unique keychain ideas on Etsy that can be personalized for the dad-to-be. This can also be given for father’s day for any dad in general! This one made of wook is our pick for its simplicity and clean look.

Personalized necklace

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This is the perfect gift if the gift recipient is keen on wearing accessories/jewelry. There are plenty of dog-tag options out there, but we though a necklace with washers that are engraved with the kid’s name and birthdate is so much more original! This would be such a cool gift for mechanic dads!

Dad and baby matching outfit

dad and baby
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This one is sure to be a hit! If you are looking for funny gifts for expectant dads, this is it! Daddy and me matching outfits are always appreciated by expecting parents because they’re cute, and the enamoured parent can match with their newborn! We love this one that has references to The Office! If your guy loves The Office, this would be the most fun gift.

Baby carrier

baby carrier
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This BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini is a great gift to give to an expecting dad that’s on the go. We love this carrier because it’s lightweight and easy to use, which is especially great with newborn babies. It’s great for on-the-go without the extra bulk. Babies love to be carried and this will allow baby and daddy to enjoy outings without baby getting fussy.

Baby Monitor

baby monitor
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baby monitor is a high-ticket gift, but one that will be so appreciated by the expecting parents. If you are thinking of gifting a baby monitor, the Nanit Pro is a great option. Some of the features we love about the Nanit Pro are:

  • Small breathing band
  • HD Camera
  • Night Vision
  • Two Way Communication
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Baby Sleep stats
  • Automatically takes pictures of baby for your memories

The great thing about this is that you can purchase this awesome father to be gift from amazon!

Smart Watch

smart watch
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Not necessarily related to being a new dad, but if you are thinking of giving a versatile gift that will for sure be appreciated, this is it! The Apple Watch Series 7 is beautifully designed and sleek, and will be appreciated as a gift by anyone! Some of the great features of the apple watch that we love are:

  • More crack-resistant vs previous versions
  • Measure blood oxygen level and take ECG
  • Retina display
  • Monitor heart rate
  • Pay with apple pay
  • Send messages and accept calls

Trackable Wallet

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The Ekster smart wallet is is a great gift not just for new dads, but for all dads out there! It’s high quality craftmanship and leather material make it such an exquisite gift for both men and women. What better gift for a new dad that’s probably sleep deprived and has a lot on his mind than a wallet that can easily be tracked in case it’s ever misplaced. Not only is it trackable, it also uses RFID blocking technology to protect your personal information.

Phone Charger

phone charger
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Last but not least, a phone charger is a great gift to give to an expecting dad so that he’ll never run out of battery on his phone when he needs it the most.

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