These Three Unknown Women Used a Surprising Tactic To Stop a Toddler’s Crying – And It Worked

This heart-warming story of parenting in the parking lot is not one to be forgotten. Three wise women stepped in to save the day and restore calm, with their compliments and kind words.

The Backstory

One day, a woman had to go to the craft store with her 7 week old and almost two year old. “Everything was going great until we were leaving and my toddler started getting fussy because he had to hold my hand as we approached the parking lot.”

“Suddenly, he escaped my grasp and started to run,” the mom of two recalled. “I had to momentarily let go of the stroller with the newborn in it to grab his arm and pull him back. I got down to his level and said, ‘you can hold my hand or momma can pick you up.’ To which my toddler screamed a scream that I’m pretty sure could be heard from space and slapped my face with the strength of all his tiny might. I remained cool and started to say something, but before I could start, three ladies (probably in their 50’s-60’s) who had witnessed the events approached us.”

“Now, my toddler is still pulling away at this point. These ladies, moms and grandmas themselves, pulled the coolest move I’ve ever seen and I didn’t even fully process what they did until they left. They came over and started giving over the top compliments to my toddler: “look at your beautiful eyes!”, “such a handsome boy!”, “oh I bet you’re such a good big brother!”, etc. It was so excessive and dramatic that it caused him to immediately stop his tantrum, get shy, and clutch me like these ladies were about to commit grand theft toddler. They walked away once I was holding him and one rubbed my shoulder and said, “hang in there, momma.””

“We got to the car easily with him holding me and I broke down crying when we all got inside. Those wonderful gals threw the biggest curveball to that tantrum and I’m so grateful to them. They used their stranger danger powers for good.”

This “tantrum diffuser” strategy was successful, as the mom noticed her toddler immediately stopping his screaming and clinging to her like a lifeline.

As the woman reflected on the events, she came to the conclusion that these strangers were no strangers to handling tantrums. “The wise look in their twinkling eyes gave me the impression they knew exactly what they were doing,” the woman said.

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Overwhelmingly Positive Response

Many people were touched by this article and had many positive things to say.

“I think it’s called a redirection tactic. They distracted him from his meltdown by making him focus on something else.”

“I’m crying at the part where you broke down in tears inside the car and laughing at the scream that could be heard “from space.” Oh my, have I been there. With my little, things that help diffuse a situation change with her own development. What worked a year ago does nothing now. Lately, I’ve scooped her up and said “Okay, let’s take a breather,” which has helped a lot.”

“This made me have tears reading it. We were in Disneyland and my daughter was having an INTENSE meltdown and a cast member supervisor came over and started telling her she was such a beautiful princess and she must want to go meet the other princesses soon. Then he turned to me and said “you’re doing a great job, mom” and I almost burst into tears! She calmed right down. Sometimes I wish strangers would step in more like this. Even if it doesn’t work it’s worth a try.”

This article has been inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Arnie Nicola

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