Scary And Questionable Things People Did As Children Which Makes You Wonder How They Survived To Tell The Tale

Let’s face it, we’ve all made mistakes. However, this Reddit thread asked what Redditors have done to make their own parents question their existence and the responses were hilarious!

Jumping Off A Roof

This first one is not for the light hearted. One redditor said, “my parents probably questioned their existence after I decided to jump off the roof of our house with a makeshift parachute. It was made out of an old bedsheet and some twine, so needless to say it didn’t work. After seeing me plummet like a rock, they must have been wondering why they ever let me out of their sight. Fortunately, I survived with just a few bumps and bruises!”

Swallowing a Toy

Another scary experience for the parents. “Christmas one year was spent in the hospital because my sibling had a severe ear infection that needed attention,” one user shared. “After hours of waiting in the ER and dealing with things at the hospital, we finally come home and my mom gives me a bath. Somehow I find a plastic disc shaped piece from a toy and put it in my mouth and swallow it because I said it was my “medicine.” Because it was perfectly shaped to block my windpipe or intestines, we went straight back to the ER and waited for hours and did the whole thing again for me this time. Luckily what I swallowed wasn’t a big deal and I passed it with no problems, but I can’t imagine my parents coming home from an exhausting situation and then realizing they had to do it all again – on Christmas no less.”

Telling Supermarket Staff That He’s Missing

A user shared that they were brazen enough to tell supermarket staff that they were missing.

“When I was about 4, I made a habit of deliberately going up to super market staff and telling them I’m lost. I was not lost. I just loved screaming my name over the speaker system so everyone could bath in my glory.”

Making Their Parents Think They Have Memory Issues

Siblings playing a trick on their parents is a classic. This was an experience shared by one user: “I was about 19 and my brother was 6. I was playing “Splinter Cell” on my PC, and he was asking me questions about the game, so I told him about spies and how they were always sneaking around and playing tricks on people. He wanted to be a spy and go on sneaky adventures. I distracted our mother while he sneaked around behind her and moved her reading glasses to another room. We did this to both our parents for a month, several times a week, and they thought they were both having memory issues.”

Doing Damage With Makeup

As a child, most of us were told not to play with our mom’s makeup. “Taking my mothers expensive red Chanel lipstick and carefully painting the soles of my feet with it before going for a casual stroll on the white carpet,” one user shared.

Un-Labeling Canned Foods

The same user above said that their siblings removed the labels from all the canned foods in their pantry just to make life more confusing. “My sibling removing the labels of all the canned food in the pantry so nobody had the faintest idea what was inside of them,” she shared.

Wandering About At Night

One user suffered from insomnia and would walk around at night. “When they found out from my Sunday School teacher that I would wander around the house at night and check on everyone. I had severe insomnia as a child that they had been unaware of because I never said anything.”

Driving A Car As A Minor

This is another scary one for parents! “When I was five, I decided to take my parents’ car out for a spin around the block,” a Redittor shared. “As you can imagine, they were absolutely horrified when they saw me driving down the street. It was like something out of a movie – their little kid behind the wheel, with no idea what he was doing. Needless to say, it made them question their entire parenting strategy!”

Toddler Accidentally Locking Themselves In Their Room

“Toddler me somehow was able to lock the door to my room. Parents eventually got it open and found me playing with my poop,” one user shared.

Puking From a Bunk Bed

This last one is a hard one to swallow. “Probably that one time when I puked out of my bunk bed on the floor. I had a stomach bug and had thrown up on my bedding before. My mom fixed my bed, everything fresh and clean and put me back to bed. Well, I was feeling sick again and in the heat of the moment, thought it would be a good idea to lean over the edge of my (high!) bunk bed to puke instead of getting the bed sheets dirty again. O boy, what a mess. My mom brings it up occasionally still, around 30 years later. I’m sorry mom!”

Do you have any similar experiences to share?

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