“Heartless And Embarrassing” Couple Accused Of Being Heartless Playing A Prank On Their Pregnant Friend

A woman insisted on finding out her friend’s potential baby name and was angered when she decided to steal the name for her own baby.

A college friend of a soon-to-be mother found out the hard way that a seemingly harmless joke can have unintended consequences.

Roxy Insisted On Finding Out

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The story starts with a simple request from a friend: “Roxy” kept asking the soon-to-be mother, the original poster (OP), what she would name her baby.

She Continually Refuses

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I told her she’ll find out when my baby comes. Once I found out I’m having a boy (no, I won’t say his name), she got more incessant about what girl name I’d picked, saying “it’s not like it matters now” as if I won’t have another kid,” said OP.

Roxy Is Persistent

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OP told Roxy that she would find out when her baby comes, but Roxy kept asking, prompting OP to ask her husband if she should give a fake name to get her to stop. Her husband suggested the Spanish word “Mie**a”, which translates to “sh**”.

Rude Awakening

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Not knowing the meaning of the word in Spanish, Roxy and her husband (who is the cousin of OP’s husband) chose this name for their baby, leading to an embarrassing situation when the OB/GYN, who is Spanish, revealed the true meaning of the name.

Roxy’s Husband Calls

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“My husband’s cousin called – yes, CALLED – me to cuss me out, saying I am [heartless] for “embarrassing him and Roxy” and ruining what should’ve been the greatest moment of joy in their lives,” OP continued.

Others Weigh In

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The comments from Reddit reflect the outrage that many feel over the situation, calling out the inappropriateness of Roxy and her husband’s behavior.

One user said, “You didn’t know she was going to use the name. If it wasn’t a bogus name, and you gave the real one – I’d be angry they used my girl name. So no, it’s on them. They should have looked into the name meaning before actually deciding on it. I was picky about names – looking at initials, thinking of nicknames, alternative meanings, etc. They were lazy and used a bad name. Not your fault.”

Roxy Was Being Dishonest

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Another user commented, “Let me get this straight… she bugged you and bugged you to find out what you’d name your potential daughter with the clear intention of ‘stealing’ it and then got upset when it turned out you were joking? That sounds like her problem.”

“So her plan was to steal your (fake) baby name and that’s what she gets. I would laugh in her face and hang up on her,” said another user.

Her Plan Backfired

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It seems like many feel that Roxy got exactly what she deserved, with one user commenting, “She was basically asking you so she could steal the name. She got what she deserved. Also, she doesn’t really sound like a friend.”

What do you think? Was OP wrong for giving her friend a fake name that had a bad meaning in Spanish?

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