She Thinks Her Son’s First Birthday Is More Important Than A Major Holiday. Is She Wrong?

A woman is wondering if she said the wrong thing to her friend who wants to celebrate her son’s birthday on July the 4th.

She Invites For His Birthday

Recently, a woman’s friend asked if everyone was available to celebrate her baby’s birthday on the 4th of July. The baby’s actual birthday is on July 5th.

Many Had July 4th Traditions

However, most of the group had plans or traditions for the holiday, causing the friend to become upset.

She Became Spiteful

When it was suggested that the birthday be celebrated the following weekend, the friend was spiteful and suggested that her son’s birthday was inconvenient for those closest to her.

Was She Wrong For Suggesting To Change The Date

The woman who suggested to celebrate the child’s birthday on the following week is wondering if she was wrong for suggesting it in the first place.

Children Born On Holidays Tend To Dislike It

One person shared their own experience, saying, “My cousin was actually born on the 4th of July and he absolutely hated it as he grew older. All his friends were busy with their families almost nobody except the family remembered it was his birthday. He eventually started just celebrating it a week later.”

Unrealistic Expectations

Some felt that the friend was being unrealistic in expecting people to abandon their plans for a major holiday to attend a 1-year-old’s birthday party. One person said, “Your friend is going to have to realize that her child’s birthday is not going to be as important to other people as it is to her.

Mother Is Selfish

Another added, “She’s selfish and ridiculous to expect everyone to give up one of the biggest holidays a year to attend an infant’s birthday.

She’ll Have To Get Used To It

However, some sympathized with the friend’s predicament. One person said, “I get it sucks for your friend that her son’s bday is so close to 4th July but at least it’s not on the [actual] day. She’s gonna have to get used to its proximity to the birthday; it’ll save herself a lot of gloominess in the long run.”

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