“I’m Concerned For My Daughter” Woman Dumbfounded After Her Father Set Up A Trust Fund For Her Daughter

A woman is confused when her father offered to create a trust fund for her own daughter.

Inheritance can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to young children. In this case, a new mother is concerned about her daughter inheriting a significant amount of money from her grandfather. She is unsure if it is a blessing or a curse.

Her Dad’s Will

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The woman, who we’ll call Claire, said that her dad added her child to his will. “My dad told me today that he has written a will in which half [of his estate] will go to me and half to my daughter. My dad is 70 now and my daughter is not even one, so she will likely be quite young when she inherits [the money] and it will likely be a significant amount.”

Inheritance Concerns

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“I am concerned that this amount of money might come at the wrong point in her life and that I’ll have no say as it will be in her name.” Claire adds that she doesn’t know a lot of people who inherited a large sum of money when she is young, which is why she is looking for advice.

Claire Did Not Expect This

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“It’s really thrown me as it is just not something I ever thought about,” Claire said. “Or maybe I had imagine that I’d always be the one helping her buy her house, paying her college fees, etc. when she needed it.”

Financial Responsibility

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As a mom, she is concerned that having a large sum of money will not be good for her child. “I’ll just have to hope she turns out the sort of young adult who can handle the responsibility of that money.”

Speak To A Professional

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Many urged her to ask her dad to seek advice from a legal expert, and that perhaps they can release the money at different points of her child’s life. Others who have gone through the same situation has said that it is possible to release funds for certain milestones (school, business, etc.)

Focus On Being Grateful

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Although Claire received many good advice, some people said she should focus on being grateful instead.

“Your daughter is getting an amazing gift that very few people ever receive. I think you should focus on being grateful.”

Teach Her Young

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Another said that she should teach her child to be financially responsible at a young age.

“I would just be happy that your daughter will be set up. People can make poor decisions with money whether they’re 18 or 48. If you teach her well hopefully when she is 18 she spends it in a way that alleviates later financial burden that most young adults face.”

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