The Real and Honest Reason I Joined the Seint Artist Program

This post is all about the Seint Artist Program.

seint artist program

Have you seen the viral one layer makeup that’s taken up Social media by storm? If you haven’t, I recommend reading this post here so you can be all caught up on what Seint makeup is all about. 

Done reading? Well then let’s get started! Let me tell you all about the Seint Artist Program.

What is the Artist program with Seint?

The Seint Artist program is an opportunity for anyone in the US or Canada to share an amazing product while getting compensated for it. 

How many times have you gushed about a product you love to your friends and family, only to find that they eventually bought that same thing after you recommended it to them? 

As humans we always do this! We can’t help talk about amazing products when we find them! That’s why the Seint Artist program is so great because it allows you to be compensated for telling your friends and family about this revolutionary makeup. 

In a nutshell, these are what you get when you join the Seint Artist Program: 

  • Compensated 20-40% commission for every sale you make
  • Earn free makeup off up to$500USD in value each month
  • Option to build a team and develop your leadership skills
  • Mentorship from top leaders in the business
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What does it cost to become a Seint Artist?

Your initial investment to become a Seint Artist is minimal compared to the cost of starting any other type of business. 

To be an artist, you only need to purchase an Artist kit and pay a monthly backoffice fee of $12.95.

There are two options for getting an Artist kit:

A Basic Kit ($199 USD or $279 CAD) which includes:

  • 19 IIID  Foundation Singles
  • 2 Brushes
  • 1 Sponge
  • 3 Palettes

A Pro Kit ($399 USD or $279 CAD) which includes:

  • 23 IIID  Foundation Singles
  • 12 Eyeshadows
  • 6 Brushes
  • 1 Sponge
  • 4 Palettes
  • 1 Creme moisturizer

If you’re wondering how you can get so much product at such a low price, it’s because you’re getting these products practically at cost, so you are able to get a deep discount on these products. Another thing that allows you to get so many products at a low price is that the artist that signs you up will not get compensated for the sale of your Artist kit. This ensures that Artists don’t sign up new artists only for the sake of signing up artists, but instead be highly invested in your success. 

Can you make money with Seint?

Yes it is absolutely possible to make money with Seint. Although it is difficult, it is possible to make money with Seint.

With that said, it truly is possible to earn even beyond what you earn from your day job, You only need persistence and perseverance and the willingness to help others to learn more about this makeup.

Do Seint artists get a discount?

Yes Seint Artist get a discount from products. Seint artists can get anywhere from 20-40% discount on the makeup and other beauty products. 

Can I switch the Seint Artist I sign up under?

The short answer is: yes, you can switch Seint artists, but it does take a long time. This is why I strongly recommend really looking into the Artist you are thinking of signing up under, and make sure that you vibe with that Artist because you will be working with her for a long time!

If you want to switch Seint Artists, I suggest reading the Seint Policies & Procedures under “14. Change of Sponsor”.

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Is Seint makeup an MLM?

Yes, Seint is an MLM, or multilevel marketing company. This means that Artists can recruit other people to become Artists as well and will make a certain percentage on the sales of all other Artists under her. This does not mean that it’s a pyramid scheme. You can also become an Artist and recruit other Artists to be part of your team.

Multilevel marketing businesses are not pyramid schemes and are legitimate forms of businesses. Here are some of the popular MLM businesses you might know and recognize:

  • Monat
  • Tupperware
  • Amway
  • Arbonne

Is Seint a good makeup brand?

Yes! If you would like to know more about Seint makeup, I suggest reading this post here where I wrote all about Seint as a makeup product.

What are the benefits of being a Seint Artist?

Being a Seint artist has many benefits. Some of the benefits of joining the Seint Artist Program are as follows:

  • As a SEINT Artist, you will earn 20-40% commission 
  • There are NO sales minimums or monthly quotas
  • NO Inventory or Auto Ships
  • 20% discount on your personal orders
  • You receive credits for FREE makeup from your sales (up to $500 USD monthly!!)
  • Low startup fee: You only need to purchase an Artist Kit to get started ($199 USD / $279 CAD)
  • $12.95 USD Monthly back office fee [to cover expenses for: personal shopping website, order tracking, customer database, resources, corporate customer service assistance for returns or exchanges, year end tax forms and more]
  • Mentorship and resources from top leaders in the company!
  • No makeup experience required
  • 24/7 Color Match Assistance

Why I joined to become a Seint Artist & All The Details

I joined as a Seint artist in January, 2 months postpartum, because I wanted to be able to earn a little bit of extra income while on maternity leave, and also because I genuinely fell in love with the makeup. I ordered my makeup from an influencer I was following for a long time, and when she started to talk about the Artist program, I had a feeling in my gut that said I should take on this opportunity!

So, that’s when I jumped into the Artist Program. I purchased the Basic kit, which seemed like a big investment for me. But I thought that it’s a small investment to pay to start a business. 

The next part may sound cliche, since so many people say it, but joining the Seint Artist Program really truly did give me so much, especially as a new mom navigating my way through motherhood. It gave me a purpose other than taking care of my child, and gave me tangible goals that I can actually work on. 

When I first started, I would wake up everyday at any time I wanted, or whenever my baby would wake up. I would turn on Netflix, nurse my baby, cook dinner, and then the day has passed, we’d go to bed and repeat it all over again. 

After joining the Seint Artist Program, because I made ambitious goals for myself, I would get up earlier, get dressed, and put makeup on and work on increasing my following on social media. This gave me a purpose and helped me manage my time more effectively and truly, it helped me feel more fulfilled in my maternity leave and as a mother in general.

I was able to make money selling makeup, and my very first time ordering free makeup was so fulfilling!

What you get if you join the Seint Artist Program with Me:

If you join as a Seint Artist with me, you will get one-on-one mentorship with me as well as all the resources and tools you’ll need to succeed in the business. My mentor and my mentor’s mentor are some of the strongest women in the business and have so much resources to truly help you in your personal and professional growth so that you can succeed in this business. These are resources you will have access to as well.

But here is what you can expect from me personally:

24/7 help on your business – you can ask me anything!

I will direct you to the resources that have greatly helped me in growing my Seint Business. There truly is no shortage of resources if you join the Seint Artist Program. The issue many people run across is that they get overwhelmed by the amount of resources available (information overload, if you will). I will help you focus on what’s important, depending on what level you are in, so that you can focus and ignore all sideshow distractions.

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This post was all about the Seint Artist Program.

We hope you found this helpful! If so, show us some love in the comments below!

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