Boomer In-Laws Keep Asking Invasive Questions About Their Son

A woman has had enough of her in-laws who always ask why her young son has not started walking yet.

The Situation

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“My son is about to turn 16 months. He can stand from a seated position on his own and take steps when he wants to. He’s just not “fully walking” yet (he still crawls the majority of the time to get from place to place). Every time my in-laws come over, they obsess over the fact that he’s “not walking yet”.”

In-Laws Say He Needs Shoes

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“They’re convinced that it’s because I don’t put shoes on him at all times inside the house. They think that he needs shoes to stabilize his feet. I’ve told them numerous times that I’ve read countless articles that state the complete opposite; that it’s much better for babies to learn how to walk barefoot because it allows them full range of motion. Still, they insist on putting shoes on him every time I turn my back.

In-Laws Say He Needs Practice

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“They also think I don’t “practice” walking with him enough (holding his hands and walking around the house with him). Again, I’ve told them that this actually can hinder him from wanting to walk on his own because he doesn’t have to balance by himself. It’s just aggravating that the older generation always thinks they know best even though he’s perfectly on track with his development.”

Many Share Their Experience

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Many share that their children didn’t walk until they were nearly 2 years old and that it’s not a huge deal if her son is not walking independently at 16 months.

“My son didn’t start walking til he turned 2. So don’t worry about it. Kids aren’t performing monkeys.”

Hide The Shoes

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Another offered a humorous solution to the problem. They said, “If they’re getting the shoes from your house, hide them. If they’re bringing the shoes, find a way to destroy them.”

What would you do in this situation?

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