11 Elegant Outdoor Maternity Photography Poses to Inspire You for Your Upcoming Maternity Photoshoot

This post is all about elegant outdoor maternity photography poses for your upcoming maternity photoshoot.

outdoor maternity photography poses

Your baby bump is a beautiful thing, and one that won’t last forever. So it’s understandable that maternity photoshoots have become almost a rite of passage for expecting mothers in recent times.

However, even though maternity photoshoots are meant to be a beautiful way to document your journey through pregnancy, it can bring anxiety to some women, especially if they are feeling conscious about how they will pose or what they will wear on that day.

This is understandable, being that most of us aren’t supermodels, nor do most of us have a lot of experience posing in front of a camera.

That’s where this post comes in! Here are 11 outdoor maternity photography poses you can try at home before your maternity photoshoot. This way, on that day of your photoshoot with your trusted photographer, you will feel like a pro!

This post is all about elegant outdoor maternity photography poses for your upcoming maternity photoshoot.

Elegant Outdoor Maternity Photography Poses

Tip: Bookmark this post and show the following poses to your photographer so he/she can direct you during your photoshoot!

1. Pose with Your Partner by the Sea

Casual, sweet, yet elegant. Create the same vibe during your photoshoot with a flowy dress, but also instruct your partner to keep it casual but clean.

2. Woodland Fairytale

Recreate this photo and look like a woodland goddess! Make sure you wear a long flowy cream dress, and that your photoshoot is somewhere woodsy, during the golden hour.

3. Sea Goddess

I absolutely adore this photo! If you want to look like a strong temptress/sea goddess, while growing a tiny human in your belly, this is the pose to replicate.

4. Spring flowers

This photo is so sweet and signals the beginning of spring, which is so fitting for your maternity photoshoot!

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5. Sweet Photo with Pup and Baby

If you’re a dog mom, this would be the sweetest photo to replicate with your pup. Like most of our previous photos we’ve seen so far, make sure you are wearing a long flowy dress, and take the photo at an open field!

6. Bring Your Children to Your Shoot!

Already have kids? Why not bring them into your maternity photoshoot with you? Make sure to coordinate your outfits, and bring some treats and toys for the kids in case they get antsy!

7. Sunset Photoshoot with Partner

Nothing beats a beautiful golden hour photoshoot, and this photo nailed it! Once again, coordinate your outfit with your spouse, and make sure you time your photoshoot perfectly since you’d typically get a small window to catch the golden hour.

8. Boho Maternity Photoshoot in Field of Flowers

If you live near a field of flowers, this would be the photo to replicate. Wear a dark, moody dress, and maybe add a flower headdress, and you will look like a beautiful forest nymph!

9. Whole Family Portrait

Again, in the spirit of keeping your outdoor maternity photoshoot inclusive of all family members, why not bring everyone in the frame for some of the photos you will be taking? It will give you the perfect opportunity to take that family portrait that you may or may not have been putting off. Plus, it’s a great keepsake of this special time.

10. Scarlet in the Snow

Most outdoor maternity photoshoots I see are done in the spring, summer or fall, so it’s always so refreshing to see a maternity photoshoot done in the winter with crisp, white snow! Take inspiration from this photo and wear a bold, red dress, and you will look fire in an otherwise quiet snow-covered field.

11. Quirky Poses with Partner

I know: the title of this pose was elegant maternity poses, but hear me out! You should also throw in some quirky poses with your partner to capture the fun nature of this time in both of your lives!

Beautiful Maternity Gowns to Complete the Look During Your Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot:
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This post was all about outdoor maternity photography poses that you can replicate.

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