Older First-Time-Moms Discuss The Biggest Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Babies Later In Life

Older first time moms agree that financial stability and being more patient are the biggest advantages of having babies later in life.

40-Year-Old First Time Mom Talks About Her Experience

When it comes to having a child at a later age, there are both advantages and disadvantages for first-time moms. As one 40-year-old mother said, “Financially, I’ve been preparing for this for years and had even saved up a nanny fund for the first year. My home and cars were selected specifically to support growing our family by 1.”

The pros of having a child later in life can be numerous. Older first-time moms can have a more stable career, more time to do self-care and growth, as well as a more solid relationship with their partner.

However, there are some downsides to having a baby later in life. As the 40-year-old mom put it, “I’ve been going to bed at 8pm for years now… it’s hard to adjust to keeping twilight hours.” Additionally, older moms are more likely to experience physical ailments due to the strain of childbirth, and may find it harder to adjust to the changes that come with having a baby.

For many older first-time moms, having a baby later in life can be a positive experience, but it is important to be aware of the challenges that may come with it. With the right preparation, support system, and understanding of the pros and cons, older moms can be successful in their parenting journey.

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Others Weigh In

As one 36-year-old first-time mom commented, “I agree with pretty much everything you’ve mentioned. But even with the body issues, I feel like I’m in a good place to address it because I have good benefits and savings so I’m able to do physiotherapy, get a personal trainer, etc.”

The pros and cons of having a baby at a later age can vary for each individual. A 34-year-old mom humorously said, “I do not have the energy anymore though and my back and hips hurt.”

For those who have an even later first-time parenting experience, the pros and cons can be even more pronounced. As one 43-year-old mother pointed out, “The biggest pro is perspective and emotional maturity. I am so much more patient and less anxious than when I was younger. I also don’t feel annoyed or deprived by parenting, nor like I constantly need a break. I’m also pretty immune to trends and influencers.”

However, the downside of having a child later in life can be the fear of not having enough time with a younger child, or having elderly grandparents who may not be able to help out as much. On balance though, the positives of having a baby later in life can outweigh the cons. As the 43-year-old mother commented, “But on balance I love it! I am hoping she will keep me young for years to come.”

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