Mother Is Shocked After Her Daughter Comes Home From A Sleepover – Here’s Why

A woman is surprised after her daughter came home from a sleepover from her neighbor’s house.

In an unexpected turn of events, a 11-year-old girl returned home from a sleepover with newly pierced ears.

Mother’s Instinct

“Over the weekend my 11yo daughter went to our neighbor’s place for a sleepover. Our neighbour’s daughter is 13 and she also invited two other friends who are 14 and 15,” the mother said.

The older girls she was with had decided to pierce each other’s ears, and the young girl had obliged. “I was a little reluctant about my daughter spending time with the older girls,” said the mother of the 11-year-old, “but we know our neighbours well and often go away with them.”

As what often happens, a mother’s instinct is correct. “My initial feelings were proven correct when my daughter came home,” the mother said. “I was soon to find out that the girls decided to pierce each others ears. It is very uncharacteristic for my daughter to do such thing and she only ever had her 1st holes pierced (which she rarely wears) and never expressed interest in other piercings. However, she now has her ears all blinged out with 7 in one ear and 3 in the other.”

It was clear that the young girl had been influenced to partake in the piercing by the older teenagers, and the mother was rightly concerned. “I have many concerns around hygiene, removing the piercings but mainly how easily my daughter was influenced by the older girls to do something so stupid. She is also too young to make what I consider a permanent decision and she may also regret the piercings later,” the mother shared.

Though the mother was considering banning her daughter from spending time with the neighbour’s daughter, she didn’t quite know what to do. It is difficult to know how to respond to such a situation, especially when the girls are close friends.

Others Weigh In

“She went in with 2 piercings and came back with 10??? Done by teens? Not ok at all,” one person commented.

Another advised, “I would focus on the peer pressure issue. That is something that needs to be dealt with because it will keep happening regardless of whether or not she is banned from hanging out with the neighbor girl. She needs to be able to say no even when that is hard.”

One person wondered if the girl had been taken advantage of being the youngest of the girls. “Do all of the other girls also have 7-10 new piercings from this gathering? If not, then they were absolutely taking advantage of her as she is younger,” they said.

The same person also said, “What does she think about them? Does she love them? Hate them? Personally my mother would have [shamed me of my decision], so I’d have insisted that I loved them so as not to feel [bad]. Maybe you could have a real conversation with her about how it happened, how she truly feels about it.”

“And even if she loves them, talk about peer pressure. Even if she wanted them, this was not ok for the other girls to be doing to her. It should be reported to their parents,” the commenter said.

What should the wife do in this situation?

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