His Son Cheating On His Girlfriend, So This Is What He Did – Do You Agree?

One man shares his experience catching his son cheating on his girlfriend.

Cheating is never easy to talk about, especially when it involves a loved one. For one parent who we’ll call ‘Brandon’, the discovery of their son’s infidelity was a shock, but it also presented an opportunity to have a difficult conversation about honesty and trust.

He Sees Them At A Restaurant

Brandon discovered his son’s cheating when he saw his son with another girl at a restaurant. As Brandon shares, “I told him how I went to the restaurant he was at last night and saw him with another girl.” The son immediately admitted to his mistake and shared the details of his infidelity, including how it started and how he had been hiding it from his girlfriend.

His Son Shares How They Met

Brandon said, “He got into an argument with his girlfriend three weeks ago and they did not talk to each other for three days. On the second day, the girl he was with at the restaurant sent him a message on Instagram. They started talking and she said he was cute and she always sees him around campus but they never hang out. My son didn’t respond at first but an hour later replied saying she was cute too and they exchanged numbers and talked the entire night. The next day was a Saturday and they met up at their school courtyard and they made out. He went home with a ton of guilt and called his girlfriend and apologized for being upset with her but did not say he kissed another girl.”

He Continues Seeing Both Girls For 3 Weeks

“For the past three weeks he has intentionally been walking around the school campus in areas where his girlfriend and the other girl will not see each other,” Brandon shares. “The girl from the restaurant knows he has a girlfriend and she has been trying to convince him to break up with her. He has met up with the girl twice and both times he lied to his girlfriend about where he was. [His girlfriend] does not suspect anything is happening between them.”

The Importance of Honesty

After his son explained the situation, Brandon emphasized the importance of honesty and owning up to mistakes. As Brandon shares, “We calmed him down and told him he needs to tell his girlfriend what he is doing. He owes it to be truthful to her and by leading her on she is going to be more hurt because he is keeping this secret from her.” Brandon also reminded his son that lying only makes the situation worse.

The Consequences

Brandon acknowledged that there would be consequences to their son’s actions, including potential ostracism from his friend group. However, he also emphasized that owning up to his mistake and being honest with his girlfriend was the right thing to do. As Brandon shares, “His girlfriend will be upset but it’s better than her being with someone who is not being honest with her.”

Praised For Good Parenting

Brandon is praised for brilliant parenting after sharing his story online. One person said, “Not only did you teach him the importance of honesty, but you and your wife also taught him that he can come to you both when he messes up. Great job. While upsetting, this is a huge win in your relationship with your son. Your response and support mean so much.”

Another said, “Your son is lucky to have you as a father. I have three younger boys, and I hope I can handle those tough conversations as well as you seem to have when the time comes. Your son did a bad thing, he knows it, and he’s doing what he can to make it right. That is the best outcome here.”

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