Save The Babies: New Mom Opens Up About Feeling Of Worry After Her Child Is Born

One woman is baffled by the amount of worry she feels for babies everywhere right after giving birth.

Becoming a new mom is a life-changing experience that is filled with love, wonder, and a sense of protectiveness towards the new bundle of joy. This is the case for one woman, who shared her experience on Reddit, However, for the original poster (OP) in the Reddit thread, this experience was accompanied by an intense worry for all babies. This feeling of distress is often triggered by the thought of neglect or abuse of innocent babies.

Mama Bear Protector Vibes

OP says she is overwhelmed with love right after giving birth, which also translates to a need to be a protector for babies. She said, “I look at my new baby and am flooded with love, wonder, and also mama bear protector vibes. Then it hits hard wondering who could ever neglect or abuse a sweet innocent baby?”

The Overwhelming Feeling of Worry

The intense worry new moms experience for all babies can be overwhelming. OP said, “I could lose my mind thinking about it and wanting to save all the babies. It’s to the point where if I am in a store and hear a baby cry, I have to find the baby to make sure he/she is okay.”

Hormones Play a Key Role

OP wonders if this is due to additional hormones right after giving birth. She said, “I had this with my firstborn also. I’m sure hormones play a key role here and it does settle down after a couple months but still so intense.”

Other Moms Have Felt The Same Way

As the responses to this feeling of intense worry for all babies pour in, it becomes clear that this is a common experience for new moms. One mother shares, “Yes, I don’t know how many times I’ve told my husband – I don’t get how anyone could hear, see, feel a baby cry and find pleasure in it…And then proceed to hurt said baby.” This sentiment is echoed by many new moms who find it hard to comprehend how anyone could harm an innocent baby.

Children In Unsafe Countries

For some new moms, this worry extends beyond their own child to babies in developing countries, countries at war, and countries under unsafe leadership. As one mother shares, “Thinking about babies in developing countries, countries at war, countries under unsafe leadership, etc. is overwhelming.”

Becoming A Mother To All

Another mother shares a quote that she resonates with. She says, “Someone said that once you become a mother to your baby, you become a mother to ALL babies, and it truly resonated with me.”

Compassion For All

The intensity of this worry can lead to compassion not just for babies but also for adults. As one mother shares, “I even feel compassion for all adults because they once used to be babies, and they are someone’s child too. I get so incredibly tender-hearted.”

Can Lead To Anxiety

While this feeling is a natural instinct for new moms, it can be overwhelming and lead to anxiety. As one mother advises, “My advice is to not read any stories in the news or look up any stories mentioned in comments about child abuse…focus on your own bundle of joy and just don’t read or listen to stories like that.”

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