Is Lovevery Worth It? An Honest Review of Lovevery Play Kits

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is lovevery worth it

We’ve all seen it. The beautiful toys from the Lovevery Playkits all over social media. But the question on many parents’ mind is, is lovevery worth it? In this post I will discuss the Lovevery Playkits and answer the question: is Lovevery worth it?

What is Lovevery?

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In a nutshell: Lovevery is a brand that develops play kits and other toys that are well made, sustainable and most of all, developmentally appropriate for your child. The brand was founded by Jessica and Rod, and stems from a passion for helping parents provide the very best learning experiences for their babies. 

What is Lovevery mostly known for?

Lovevery is mostly known for their playkits as well as their block set. The playkits are popular amongst parents because it provides babies with developmentally appropriate toys that babies need for their exact age. 

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Subscription Kits Review

 Personally I have stalked Lovevery since even before my baby was born. I gotta hand it to their marketing team, they really know what they are doing. When I was pregnant, it seems that everywhere I turn, I would see Lovevery advertised and the reason why everyone loved it. I looked through the website and reviewed what’s included in each play kit meticulously, and even though the price was a little steep for a woman who’s about to go on maternity leave, I bit the bullet and signed up for the first year’s subscription boxes. 

Lovevery basically sends a play kit when your baby is born, at 3 months, and every 2 months after that until 11 months. The first year has these play kits included:

  1. The looker 
  2. The charmer
  3. The senser
  4. The inspector
  5. The explorer
  6. The thinker 

Each box comes with a variety of toys as well as a play guide for parents to read so that they will know exactly how to use each toy and when to introduce it to your baby. 

Each toy is very obviously made with high quality materials that you can easily store away for the next baby to use. 

I also love how you can download the Lovevery app, which has videos of how you can use the different toys to keep your baby engaged. Being subscribed to Lovevery, I do feel like there is a lot of support from the company for parents who don’t know exactly what they are doing. 

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Frequently Asked Question

These are the frequently asked questions about Lovevery

Is Lovevery worth it?

Although it comes with a steep price tag, I do believe it is the best toy subscription box out there. The toys are made of really good quality, and the company have provided a lot of materials to help parents make the most of the play kits. 

At the same time, if you do buy these toys separately, you will probably spend way more on the toys individually, so the subscription boxes are definitely worth it. 

When should I start using Lovevery?

In my humble opinion, you should start using Lovevery as early as you can. I subscribed right at birth and I was able to use every item on each play kits to its fullest. I rotate out some of the toys when my baby doesn’t seem interested at the time, but eventually she does find herself interested in each toy after a couple of rotations

Is Lovevery a Montessori?

Lovevery is montessori inspired but definitely not completely montessori. The toys are definitely developmentally appropriate though, so even if you are a montessori household, you will find that these playkits align with the montessori method. If you are looking at a playkit that’s completely montessori, read this post where I talked about the best montessori toy subscription box (hint: it’s Monti Kids!)

Can you skip a month of Lovevery?

Yes, but…

If you are subscribed to the monthly play kits, I do believe the only way to skip a month is if you cancel your subscription and then reinstate it after that particular month you want to skip. If you do decide that there’s a play kit that you don’t want to get, I suggest you purchase each kit individually instead of subscribing only to cancel and resubscribe (seems like a lot of work!)

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Is Lovevery an American company?

Yes Lovevery is an American company, based in Boise, Idaho. It ships directly to the US and Canada.

Does Lovevery ever go on sale?

No Lovevery does not go on sale, ever. However, if you look up influencers that talk about Lovevery, you can usually get a link that will get you a certain percentage off if you order using their code. Unfortunately, I am not affiliated with Lovevery so I cannot offer you a code!

How much is Lovevery a month?

The play kits are $80 for each play kit (so around $40/per month). If you decide to get only the first three play kit, you can pay a one time fee of $228 which amounts to a $12 savings. If you subscribe to the first year’s play kits, then you pay an up front cost of $432 USD, which amounts to $48 in savings.


As you can probably tell from my discussion of the play kits, I am absolutely enamoured by these play kits. At the time of writing this my daughter is only 7 months old, so we have only gotten 4 play kits from Lovevery, but I loved every single one of them. One of the things that I love is the excitement of getting a package every two months, but even with that, the toys are so lovely to play with, and I love knowing that my daughter has toys that are developmentally appropriate for her age. I am already looking into the play kits for the first second and third year and I am excited to order them all!

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