Why Criticizing Others May Be Harming Your Child More Than You Think

Parents should support their children, particularly when anxious. Yet, attempts to comfort them could negatively impact them unintentionally. A woman recounts how her parents' negative remarks about others affected her confidence and self-esteem.

Second Hand Nervousness

Anne, recounting her story, shared feeling nervous on behalf of her son at his piano recital, uncertain how he would fare against his peers.

Her Realization

"Many kids were not piano prodigies, just normal," said Anne. "I was about to console my son over their subpar performance when I had a flashback."

The Flashback

Anne recalls the discomfort caused by her mom's negativity at her school concerts. She now realizes it was to boost her confidence, but it left her afraid of judgement.

Life-long Low Self Esteem

"I've always feared public speaking, with low self-esteem. Mom's negative comments about others, despite good intentions, may have contributed," Anne said.

Praising Others’ Effort

“In the end I caught myself, turned to my son, and said ‘See, everyone is doing their best,'” Anne said.

The Importance of Positivity

Parents praised Anne, advocating for positivity and respect towards all players to boost their confidence. Important to compliment each player.

The Lasting Impact

A parent shared, “Negative comments made me fear public singing, affecting my self-esteem and confidence into adulthood.”

Learning from Failure

"Watching her coach fail before succeeding taught my daughter the importance of persistence. This fosters a growth mindset and positive self-image."

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