Ways Technology Will Completely Change The Next Generation

Today's tech-integrated world profoundly impacts the next generation, who are exposed to it from birth. This article explores the benefits and drawbacks.

Detachment from Content

"My non-immediate relative, an 'iPad kid', isn’t bothered about leaving her content playing when she leaves the room with her iPad."

Short Attention Spans

Future kids may only focus on visual stimuli. One person noted, "Someone appreciated watching a specialty dish cooking video that was under a minute long."

Restlessness and Constant Need for Stimulation

One believes younger folks are more global aware than the old, but they're also restless, needing endless stimulation.

Lack of Creativity and Social Skills

“Lack of creativity, increase in anti-social behavior, and delays/deficiencies in reading and math skills.”

Reduced Information Retention

"Information retention is declining due to accessibility of data," says one man. He notes his teenager's reliance on a "pocket supercomputer." He also mentions potential bad neck posture from constant downward gaze.

Impatience and Inability to Relax

“Many will struggle with patience and the simple ability to absorb peace and quietness.”

Decline in Computer Skills

"Computer skills like using Word & ctrl alt delete are dipping. More kids use ChatGPT as a search engine instead."

Greater Need for Instant Gratification

“Greater need for instant gratification. This falls into the ChatGPT thing. They want to be told the answer instead of figuring it out for themselves.”

Decreased Media Literacy

“Media literacy is also down, surprisingly. Because they aren’t thinking critically they take everything they see on the Internet at face value, especially TikTok.

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