Unbearable Man Refuses To Share Hallway Key With Neighbors In A Dangerous Neighborhood

Apartment living can be challenging, particularly with neighbors. 'Trent' reveals his refusal to share keys with fellow tenants.

Trent Moves In

"Recently moved into my new 4-unit apartment complex, living downstairs in the second unit," Trent said.

Tight-Knit Community

"All residents here have stayed for 5+ years, with the oldest for 8," said Trent. "We're all good friends and except for me, all are single mothers with children."

Hallway Doors Left Unlocked

Trent asserts a tenant consensus: leave hallway door unlocked. Despite this, he locks it. "No tenant has a hallway key, only apartment keys. Replacing a key costs $70."

Trent Always Locks Up

"I always lock the hallway door when I come and go. My night shift neighbor has been surprised to find it locked recently, as it's been unlocked for years."

Lost Keys

“Apparently everyone lost their key their first year or so living in the complex,” Trent says.

Knocks In The Middle Of The Night

"Trent hears constant knocking until someone opens the door. He stopped getting up after the first week. He added, if a neighbor isn't home, the outsider keeps knocking and yelling."

Request To Leave Door Unlocked

Trent's neighbor asked him to leave their door unlocked. Citing their neighborhood's dangerous rating, Trent expressed his need for safety via locked doors.

Neighbor Assures Trent

“While she understood my concerns, she assured me that no one ever comes here but residents and invited visitors and my safety is not in jeopardy. I had to beg to differ.”

Neighbor Asks To Borrow Key

Trent's neighbor asked to borrow his key to make copies. He refused, uncomfortable with the idea, even when offered payment for making the copies himself.

Cold Neighbors

Trent's neighbors have been distant lately, barely speaking to him and ignoring the usual rounds of a local woman. He suspects they're upset with him.

Others Don’t Agree With Trent

Many blame Trent, saying he's endangering female neighbors by locking them out & refusing to provide communal door keys, despite their willingness to pay.

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