Unbearable Man Refuses To Share Hallway Key With Neighbors In A Dangerous Neighborhood

Apartment living poses challenges, particularly regarding neighbors. A man, 'Trent', shares his experience of declining to exchange keys with neighbors.

Trent Moves In

"So I moved into my new apartment complex recently," Trent shared. "It's a small setup with just 4 units, two top, two bottom. I live in a downstairs unit."

Tight-Knit Community

"All residents have lived here for 5+ years; the longest for 8," said Trent. "Everyone's friends. All have children except me, most are single mothers. I'm the only man."

Hallway Doors Left Unlocked

Trent has been locking the communal door in contradiction to a silent agreement. Other tenants don't, and he notes no one else has a key - replacements cost $70 each.

Trent Always Locks Up

"I always lock the hallway door when I leave my complex. My night-shift neighbor is surprised finding it locked lately, as it hasn't been for years."

Lost Keys

“Apparently everyone lost their key their first year or so living in the complex,” Trent says.

Knocks In The Middle Of The Night

Trent hears continuous knocking until the door's opened. Initially, he woke up to unlock it, but stopped after a week. If a neighbor isn't home, the knocker will persist until answered.

Request To Leave Door Unlocked

Trent's neighbor wanted him to leave the door unlocked as usual. Trent declined, citing their residence in a top 5 most dangerous neighborhood and his safety concerns.

Neighbor Assures Trent

“While she understood my concerns, she assured me that no one ever comes here but residents and invited visitors and my safety is not in jeopardy. I had to beg to differ.”

Neighbor Asks To Borrow Key

Trent's neighbor asked to borrow his key to make copies. He declined, uncomfortable with it, and also refused her offer to pay for the copies.

Cold Neighbors

Trent's neighbors have recently turned cold, barely speaking to him or saying hi. Even a woman who'd share goods with neighbors stopped visiting his apartment. He suspects they're upset with him.

Others Don’t Agree With Trent

Critics blame Trent for trapping female neighbours outside a dangerous neighborhood at night, refusing to let them in or provide a copy of the communal door key.

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