Top 10 Cheapest Destinations to Eat in Europe

Foodie on a budget? Europe offers cheap dining. Sail Croatia identified the top 10 European destinations for affordable eats in 2023. Check out the results:


Budapest, with an average meal price of $56.04, boasts Europe's cheapest dining. Its $9.90 cheap eats are lowest among top 10 cities, perfect for budget travelers.


Warsaw ranks second cheapest city for dining in Europe, with average meal price of $56.42, coming close to Budapest's fine dining prices.


Barcelona ranks third with average meal cost at $58.77, offering cheaper Michelin star dining than Budapest and Warsaw, attracting budget luxury travelers.


At an average meal price of $68.21, Paris ranks as the 4th cheapest European city for food enthusiasts, but has pricier fine dining options than Barcelona.


Ranking 5th, Rome presents an average meal cost of $71.84, balancing between cheaper meals in Budapest and costly ones in Amsterdam.


Ranking 6th, Madrid's average meal costs $74.33, with mid-range meals cheaper than Rome, but expensive fine dining, presenting a mid-range option for travelers.


Amsterdam, the 7th cheapest city for food lovers, has an average meal price of $78.27. Its prices are similar to Rome, indicating standard European mid-range dining pricing.


Dublin, with an average of $90.90 dining out cost, ranks as the 8th cheapest foodie destination. Its fine dining prices are only surpassed by London and Stockholm.


Ranking ninth, Stockholm offers meals averaging at $92.04. Its fine dining prices are the second highest, topped only by London.


Despite being Europe's priciest city for dining at $103.65 per meal, London remains the top searched-for travel destination. Budget foodies should consider cheaper eats.

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