Too Little Too Late: 10 People Share Red Flags They Saw In Their Exes

Breaking up is hard but essential when a relationship isn't healthy. Reflection reveals missed or ignored red flags. Here are 9 people sharing their experiences.

Financial Irresponsibility

"While dating, she withdrew $100,000 from her retirement for a family trip to the Grand Canyon. She wanted to gift this to her ageing relatives. Yet, it depleted her retirement."

Artificial Similarities

“She went out of her way to artificially like everything I liked. Bands, foods, clothing brands, etc. It even went as far as her adopting my exact political beliefs. Weird.”

Being the Ex

“She dated me. Big red flag.”

Hide And Seek

"In retrospect, my ex treated our relationship like hide and seek - a clear red flag. He constantly hid while I was always seeking."

Lack of Savings

“She made $300K in one year and put $0 in savings.”

Pushing for a New Image

"She wanted me to dress nicer. I wore jeans and a t-shirt on a last-minute dinner invite. I typically wore slacks and a polo, she preferred men in jewelry and cologne."

Attention Seeking

“Her need for attention from other men and addiction to social media.”


“She was very pushy in the beginning to get me away from my friends, family, and home.”

Words vs. Actions

“He was good with words but not with actions.”

Saying His Exes Were All Crazy

"He'd label all exes as 'crazy'. I discovered he'd provoke you till you burst, enabling him to call you 'crazy' and make himself the victim."

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