Thinking Of Putting God’s Words Aside? Here Are Compelling Reasons Why The Bible Is Still Relevant

Self-help books thrive but ignore the relevance of the Bible. According to Jan Valerio, the Bible provides more than spiritual guidance, proving its ongoing relevance.

Bible Verses About God’s Plan

The Bible guides us, enabling discovery of our purpose. Through it, we learn God's design for us and find direction and belonging.

Improve Your Mental Health

The Bible’s “Do not fear” verses offer comfort in fearful times, promoting mental strength & confidence. Learn more by reading these verses.

Success and Happiness

God desires our happiness and success, but not at the cost of obedience. By following His guidance, encompassed in the Bible, we can navigate life's challenges.

Relationship Advice

The Bible offers guidance to create healthy relationships based on love, peace, and unity. It provides advice on communication, commitment, and avoiding infidelity.

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