Think Push Presents Are Only For New Moms? Think Again

Many new dads can feel overlooked when it comes to childbirth gifts. While moms do most of the work, it doesn't mean a supportive dad doesn't deserve to be recognized. Push presents for dads aren't a must, but if he's been exceptionally helpful during the pregnancy, why not show appreciation? Here're some ideas!

A Gratitude Card

Why not lessen baby expenses with a heartfelt card to your man? Let him know you value his presence at this special time. If feeling creative, try a handmade one!

Daddy and me book

Gift a 'daddy and me' book to assure your partner of his pivotal role in your baby's life. It’s a unique gift that helps first time dads feel included during pregnancy and early parenthood.

Send flowers!

Flowers aren't just for women! Send him an unexpected gift of flowers to express gratitude. The scent of fresh flowers can improve moods.

A Box of Chocolates

Send his favorite chocolates; childbirth is tiring. A bit of chocolate boosts morale.

Childbirth Photos Framed

This sentimental gift is perfect for your man! Childbirth photos serve as a precious reminder of that magical moment of becoming parents. A keepsake to share with your child once they grow up.

Engraved Keychain

Find unique, personalized keychain ideas on Etsy for the dad-to-be or any dad for Father's Day. We recommend this simple, clean-looking wooden one.

Heartfelt letter

A thoughtful card is appreciated, especially by new dads missing quality time with their partner pre-childbirth.

Personalized kitchen textiles

Personalized kitchen textiles are a great reminder of your partner's role as a father, adding color as he cooks!

Personalized clothing related to hobbies

If dad has hobbies like fishing or hunting, a clothing or ornament with the baby's birthdate is a perfect gift for new dads!

Tickets to sporting events

If you want to give him something useful then you can buy him tickets to his favorite sporting event which he can watch once the baby is born and mom feels up to it, if not before!

Personalized jewelry

Ideal gift for accessory lovers: a unique dog-tag style necklace with kid's name and birthdate engraving. Perfect for mechanic dads!Related Post:14 Useful Tips On How To Treat Your Pregnant Wife

Personalized Socks

Get your partner socks with the baby's birth date- a popular, practical and great-looking gift for new dads! They'll definitely be worn a lot.

Personalized Ornament

Consider gifting new dads an ornament with the baby's birthdate. Add a personal touch by making it yourself. Check out these gift ideas for inspiration.

A Plant

A plant, tree or shrub is another clever option that all new parents can enjoy while spending time outside in the garden after childbirth looking over their new family!


Invest in photo memory books if you've experienced childbirth. Local photography companies design and print these, loved by moms, dads, and siblings!

Personalized Video

Create a unique gift: a personal pregnancy and childbirth video/DVD with your favorite photos. Dedicate it to your soon-to-be-born son!

Jigsaw puzzle

If your partner likes jigsaws then why not get him a personalized puzzle of the newborn or of pregnant mom – this will give him plenty to do while he’s at home with mom and baby.

Dad and Baby Matching Outfit

Daddy and me matching outfits are always a hit with expecting parents - they're cute and make fun references to The Office. Great gift for fans of the show!


Consider gifting your partner a childbirth book like The New Dad’s Survival Guide, by Scott Mactavish or Pregnancy Countdown Book, by John Simek.

Childbirth Video

A childbirth DVD, featuring real delivery room footage, has grown popular as it allows men to witness childbirth firsthand, making it a perfect gift for childbirth partners .

Babywearing hoodie

This Future dad babywearing hoodie with a removable pouch fits a baby carrier. It's made of soft fleece, becoming a regular sweater when not needed for baby.

A Gag Gift

Keep it light and give him the gift of laughter! These socks are our pick for funny gag gifts for the new dad!

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