Things To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Labor

Don't delay packing your hospital bag thinking the due date is weeks away. Imagine contractions start early at 37 weeks and you need to rush to the hospital. Without a pre-packed bag, managing this stressful situation becomes more complicated. So, pack your hospital bag in advance—it could be a lifesaver.

Phone Charger

Don't forget to pack a spare charger in your hospital bag. It saves you the trouble of carrying your home charger.

Wallet and personal ID

Remember, your personal ID is vital for hospital admission. It's also handy to have a payment method in case your partner needs to buy something for you.

Nintendo Switch (for dad)

Ok fine, so this one’s not reaaallyy that important, but you just never know how long you will stay in the hospital, so better to have a form of entertainment prepared.


If you're giving birth in colder months, have a jacket for when you come home from the hospital.

Loose/Comfortable Clothing

Bring two comfortable outfits for leaving the hospital with your baby. Don't worry about looking cute; focus on ease and comfort. Read more pregnancy tips here.


Bring glasses, body soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, towel, face/body moisturizer, sunblock. If possible, carry travel-size items to avoid bulky toiletries.

Slippers and Socks

Bring comfy slippers/socks for the hospital. It can get cold so don't forget these!


Discussing your nursing bras. Also bring large, comfortable discardable underwear. Though the hospital may provide disposable ones, it's good to be prepared.


Bring your favourite snacks such as chocolates, chips, granola bars. Just resist the urge to eat them all on the way to the hospital or even before that!

Other Things you can’t forget:

Don't forget to pack a car seat and baby's going home outfit.
  • Car Seat
  • Going home outfit for baby (newborn size and a size up)

Pro tip on what to pack in hospital bag for mom:

Ask friends who gave birth recently about hospital bag items. Hospitals usually provide essential care items. Bring only personal items for comfort. What you need may vary based on location, like my mom's experience in the Philippines.

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