“They’re Not Responsible Enough For A Dog” Woman’s Clever Tactic To Avoid Getting A Pet For Her Children

One woman angers her own parents and her husband for going to extreme lengths to prove that her children cannot take care of a pet.

Her Genius Plan

To test her family's pet-care ability, a wife set three rules before adopting a dog: it must weigh less than 60 lbs, not shed, and they must handle garbage disposal for 60 days.

They Struggle To Be Consistent

Her tactic succeeded. Despite parents' meddling, she was ready with a local, affordable, dog-walking service. They could get involved, but also had to enlist dog care if needed.

Grandparents Say She’s Being Unreasonable

Her parents were furious, but she was firm: unless they paid for input, their opinion didn't matter.

Husband Agrees, Defeated

Ultimately, her husband admitted kids weren't ready for a dog. He felt they should tell them. She disagreed, as she'd said they weren't ready.

Praised For Brilliant Parenting

The wife's decision to trial owning a dog was praised. Comments applauded for teaching a life lesson & considering kids' future activities.

She Had To Parent Her Husband

Still others pointed out the need for the wife to parent her husband as well. As one commenter put it, “Sadly she also needed to parent her husband.

Grandparents Might Gift A Dog For A Birthday

The wife's plan showed the responsibility of pet ownership and cleverly managed grandparents. A commenter said it could lead to grandparents buying a pet as a gift.

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