“They’re Gonna Spit On Your Pizza” Wife Regularly Dines At Restaurants 10 Minutes Before Closing And It’s Driving Him Nuts

Man shares exasperating date night experience at a near-empty restaurant minutes before closing. Caught up in post-movie hunger, he & his wife ended up at their local pizza place - just before it closed. The wife insisted on staying, causing public tension.

Wife Always Does This

"She's repeated this at pre-closing times, but never so late," says Ross. "It upset me visibly, their annoyance was clear."

She Ordered Specialty Pizza

"She ordered a special pizza. I warned, jokingly, ‘They’re gonna spit on your pizza.' I felt awkward entering a restaurant near closing."

Common Courtesy

"She got defensive, stating it's staff's job to serve until closing time. I explained it’s courteous not to arrive last minute so staff can clean up and go home."

Others Weigh In

Many resonate with Ross. One likened it to receiving last-minute tasks from a boss. "Would she like getting work 9 mins before leaving?"

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