The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gifts For Expecting Dads in 2023

Amidst pregnancy, dads often feel left out, but they're pivotal for support and shared parenting duties. If you're expecting, or know a soon-to-be dad, here's a handy list of gift ideas, including comedic yet practical options for anticipatory fathers!

Pregnancy book (made specifically for dad)

Looking for a book for a new dad? Adrian Kulp's easy-to-digest, humorous guide makes a top choice, especially for early pregnancy. A fantastic father-to-be gift from amazon.

New Dad gift package

Share your excitement for a future dad with a customized care package or choose a pre-made one from Etsy! Check out this cool expectant father gift!

New dad mug

We adore Etsy for personalized gifts! Give a new dad a coffee mug, but customize it with the baby's birth year.

Skincare set

Skincare isn't just for women. It's a useful gift for expecting dads who, like women, also care about their skin. They'll need self-care products, like this set from Clinique, to help manage skin care amid newborn stress. It's simple: face wash, shaving cream, and moisturizer. Perfect for men who prefer simplicity.

Sleep mask and ear plugs

When the new dad returns to work after baby's arrival, this noise-blocking, light-resistant, Amazon sleep mask is a great gift. Features earplugs, adjustable and soft.

Pajama pants (for lounging)

In the early days with your baby, you'll likely stay in. Comfortable lounge pants become essential. Try this flannel pajama set for soft, warm comfort.

Indoor slippers

Perfect for cold climates, this pair of memory foam slippers is a great gift for a new dad. With a quality rubber sole, it's comfy, warm, and ideal for indoor/outdoor use.

Nespresso machine

Gift for expecting dads: A Nespresso machine is perfect for sleep deprived mornings. Coffee is now more crucial with a baby in tow.

Travel coffee mug

Perfect gift for new dads: a Hydroflask 12 oz travel mug. Great for on-the-go coffee, maintaining temperature, and spill-free. BPA and Phthalate-free with a handy handle.

Babywearing hoodie

This future dad babywearing hoodie has a zip-off pouch for baby carriers. It’s warm and comfortable, transforming into a regular sweater when not babywearing.

Daddy and me books

Baby books are often mom-focused. Make your gift unique with a 'daddy and me' book. The future dad will surely appreciate it.

Personalized baby book

Moving along with the same theme of giving ‘daddy and me’ books to the new dad to be, why not go a step further and give a personalized book for a truly memorable gift?

Star map

If you’d like to give a more sentimental gift, why not get a print out of the star map of the day that the new baby was born? The new dad can frame it on the wall of the nursery!

Birth Poster

Love the idea of a 1:1 baby illustration! It's great for the nursery and a future keepsake.

Personalized keychain

Seeking something subtle yet personalized? Check out unique, customizable keychain ideas for dads on Etsy. Perfect for Father's Day. We love this simple, wooden one.

Personalized necklace

The ideal gift for accessory lovers! This original necklace features engraved washers with kid's name & birth date. Perfect for mechanic dads!

Dad and baby matching outfit

Looking for funny gifts for expectant dads? This Daddy & me matching outfit, with references to The Office, is an adorable and fun choice!

Baby carrier

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini is a perfect, lightweight gift for expecting dads. Ideal for newborns, it allows for fuss-free outings.

Baby Monitor

Thinking about gifting a baby monitor? Consider the Nanit Pro with features like: small breathing band, HD camera, night vision, two-way communication, temperature and humidity, baby sleep stats, automatic memory captures. Available on Amazon.

Smart Watch

Considering a versatile gift? Apple Watch Series 7 is the perfect choice! Besides being beautifully designed, it has great features like a more crack-resistant screen, ability to measure blood oxygen level and take ECG, retina display and more.

Trackable Wallet

The Ekster smart wallet is a perfect gift for dads, featuring high quality craftsmanship, RFID blocking, and traceability in case of misplacement.

Phone Charger

Last but not least, a phone charger is a great gift to give to an expecting dad so that he’ll never run out of battery on his phone when he needs it the most.

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