The Baby Shower Checklist To Use For Smooth Party-Planning

Party planning types: lovers and delegators. Pregnancy means less energy for fuss. This baby shower checklist is your stress-free solution for a successful, fun event!

Create Your Baby Registry

Create your baby registry and consult this blog post for ideas.


Don't forget to send baby shower invitations well in advance. A simple text or Facebook invite suffices. Also, remind your guests a few days prior.

Baby Shower Games

If you choose to have baby shower games, here are some fun suggestions: Guess The Size Of Mom’s Belly, Pacifier Hunt, Blindfolded Diaper Change, and Guess the Chocolate Bar (in poopy diaper). Have fun!

Food and Refreshments

Decide what food you want for your baby shower. A common setup is a buffet with vegetarian and healthy options for dietary restrictions. Accommodate food allergy sufferers. Related Post: The Best Pregnancy Beauty Products You Need

Decor Theme

An Instagram-worthy baby shower needs a decor theme matched with decorations. It can be simple like a pink or blue theme, or seasonal like a winter wonderland. Consider gender-neutral themes with green and gold. Be creative!


Plan your theme early for a great decor. You would need:

  • Balloons in at least 3 theme colors
  • Theme-based paper plates and cutlery
  • Appropriate centerpieces
  • Photoshoot backdrop, plenty on Amazon
  • Props to tie together the decor

Cake/Dessert Table

Order a cake matching your decor or opt for cupcakes with toppers. Display them on a cute stand and enjoy.

Party Favors

If giving party favors, ensure they match your theme. Consider cake pops, customized cookies, hand sanitizers, or popcorn.

Set-Up & Take-Down Teams

Enlist family and friends to help with your baby shower. Ensure everyone knows their roles for setting up, decorating, and cleaning. The right teams should be on time.


Don't forget to fully charge your cameras for the big day. Taking photos/videos lets you cherish the memories later.

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