Swimming To Playing An Instrument: Basic Things Regular People Never Learned How To Do

Exploring 10 basic skills some people never acquired, we delve into everyone's unique strengths and weaknesses.

Writing with the Right Hand

“How to write with my right hand”

Speaking a Second Language

“Speak a second language”


“Swimming. I thinks it’s basic. Almost everyone will be around a body of water they could drown in if they don’t know how to swim.”

Ironing Clothes

“I can’t iron a shirt or slacks”

Playing Chess

“Play Chess”

Cooking Meat

“How to cook most things, but especially meat”

Using a Dishwasher

“I finally learned how to be somewhat comfortable with a dishwashing machine. It took me a long time to conquer that beast”

Touch Typing

“Touch-type. Guys can often get away with this.”

Playing a Musical Instrument

“Play a musical instrument.”

Basic Car Maintenance

“Basic car maintenance”

Signing Your Name

"My signature is generally messy & inconsistent. As a 40-something professional who signs regularly, people might mistake me for a child or an idiot."

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