Surprise Your Husband With These 15 Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Exciting times in a couple's life are often shared during pregnancy, filled with love, hope, and anticipation. Here are 15 surprise pregnancy announcement ideas for husbands, with tips to craft a special message. These creative ways will definitely thrill your man about becoming a daddy. Check out these top surprise pregnancy announcements.

“We’re Pregnant!” gift package

What better way to say we’re pregnant than a cute gift package for the dad-to-be!

"List Baby Room Needs and Tape to Pillow Envelope"

This is a cute way to share the good news before the day is over. What a great way to end the day!

"Draw a sketch of yourself pregnant and place it where he'll notice"

Whether or not you’re artsy, the personal touch is sure to win over his heart.

Buy him a gag gift

Make him laugh by getting him a gag gift that also doubles as a pregnancy announcement! This one from Etsy is so fun!

Create a pregnancy announcement video

Get some time away to film an announcement. Great keepsake for the future! Related:9 Fun Baby Reveal Ideas

Buy him a new tie and attach the card with the announcement

If your husband is a suit and tie guy, then this is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy!

"Buy his favorite dessert and write an "I'm pregnant!" note inside"

What a sweet way to tell your husband that he’s about to be a dad!

Put an ultrasound picture inside of one of his favorite books or magazines

"He'll be surprised to find an ultrasound picture in his book! Ensure it's where he last stopped to avoid him missing it."

Leave a message for him on the bathroom mirror telling him you’re pregnant

While he’s in the shower or even before he gets in the bathroom, you can write the message on the bathroom mirror for him to find!

Buy him his first Father’s Day gift

Use Father’s Day as an opportunity to announce the good news to your husband by getting him a gift he can’t forget!

Write a cute letter to your husband, letting him know that you’re pregnant

If you’ve got a way with words, then write a cute letter announcing your pregnancy! Make him swoon!

Make a list of all the reasons why you’re excited to be a mom

Make a list of 5-10 and make sure to leave it where he can find it! He might be confused at first, but he’ll catch on– he may even make his own list!

"Gift him a 'You're going to be a dad' mug with message at the bottom"

We love this idea! Buy the mug and make him coffee in it! When he finishes his drink he’ll have a pleasant announcement waiting at the bottom of the cup!

Take him on a special date and tell him over dinner

Gotta love any reason to go on special dates, and being pregnant is the best reason to go on a date!

Leave Pregnancy Test On Coffee Table

Once he sees the pregnancy test he’ll be curious to see the result!

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