Struggling With Breastmilk Supply? Try These Ways To Increase Supply

Breastfeeding can be natural for some moms, and hard work for others. As someone who struggled, I'm passionate about sharing all the hacks I discovered to boost my milk supply. I went from producing 20ml from power pumping to fully meeting my baby's demand. I'll share food recommendations (breastfeeding snacks), tips for pumping, and home remedies to help increase your breast milk supply instantly!

Get a breastfeeding cart

Invest in a bar cart for all your breastfeeding needs. It's the best breastfeeding tip: you'll need, especially postpartum. For two storey homes, use a portable storage box instead.

Legendairy Milk Breast Milk Supplements & Stickers

Supplements from Legendairy Milk helped me increase my breast milk supply. Try out their range to see what works for you! I recommend ordering early, especially if outside the US. My favorites: Pump Princess, Liquid Gold, and Lactivist. Sunflower Lecithin also improved milk flow. Milestone breastfeeding stickers are a rewarding purchase too.

Momcozy – Portable Breast Pump

Invest in an electric breast pump for effective breastfeeding, especially during early days to increase milk supply. Manual pumps can be tiring. Many pumps are expensive and not portable. My top recommendation is the Momcozy breast pump, priced at $65, completely portable, with a collection cup included. Superior to Philips Avent due to its portability, it fits in a regular nursing bra. Ideal for use at work!

Drink bone broth soup!

Discover a top breastfeeding hack on Naturally Loriel: Bone broth boosts milk supply due to nutrient density. Find an easy recipe on Birth Eat Love. Check out the cutest nursing necklace at ArnieNicola.

Power pump & wake up in the middle of the night for pumping

Power pumping can significantly increase breast milk supply, even if it's tedious. Pump 20 minutes, rest 10, pump 10, rest 10, pump 10 more. Utilize increased nighttime prolactin levels to boost supply. Learn more at Lansinoh and Mom Loves Best.

Try breastfeeding in wrap

Learn how to use a baby wrap, it's a lifesaver for housework and nursing. Breastfeeding in a wrap is a game-changer. My favorite is the boba wrap, which has a great article on safe breastfeeding.

Water and Drinks That Increase Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding tends to make women very thirsty. For increasing breast milk supply, start with water, especially warm water. Electrolyte-rich drinks also help. Other options include Gatorade, Powerade and coconut water.

Get a breast massage

New moms wondering “How to stimulate milk supply?”, breast massage at the start helps remove milk from ducts and boost production.

Dont stress too much

Don't stress about milk production if you want to nurse your baby. Pressure could possibly inhibit the process.

Breastfeeding Snacks!

Breastfeeding snacks can boost milk production, especially in the early postpartum period. I preferred snacks from Amazon. Also, consider no-bake lactation bites by Baker Mama, for easy preparation.

Add moringa powder in your oatmeal

"Add moringa powder to your oatmeal to increase breast milk supply, a practice known in the Philippines. Related Post: 5 Trustworthy Nursing Bras for Pregnancy"

Keep a stash of nursing pads

Your breasts may leak unexpectedly as your milk comes in. Some prefer reusable breast pads, but I recommend the disposable nursing pads from Lansinoh. They stay dry and odor-free. But remember to change them before they're fully soaked to prevent the gel from contacting your skin.

Have hydrogel pads handy

Breastfeeding is challenging and might be painful. Power through and use Ameda's Hydrogel pads if it's too painful. Hydrogel pads aid sore nipples, making breastfeeding more comfortable. Keep a pack on hand! Hydrogel pads

Use a lanolin balm

Consider using a lanolin cream link post-pumping or feeding. Safe for babies, its soothing effect is perfect for new moms with sore, sensitive nipples.

Safely Cosleeping

Discussing cosleeping can be sensitive. Whether it's suitable for your family might depend on these resources: Commonality of Cosleeping, Benefits of Cosleeping. I found breastfeeding side-lying at night helpful: Breastfeeding Hacks.

Learn about latching

Learn about latching to improve your breastfeeding experience. If it hurts, you might wonder if your baby has a lip or tongue tie. Find resources for properly breastfeeding like this video from Nourished Young, a lactation expert. Correction of your baby's latch may increase comfort. A nursing pillow may not suit every mom.

Power through it

As potential breastfeeding advice, power through it! Despite the pain and frustration, it's worth it. The bond with your baby and their sweet nursing smile makes all the pain worthwhile!

Purchase a nursing cover

Breastfeeding allows on-the-go feeding without needing water and formula. If you're shy about public feeding, consider investing in nursing covers. They help the baby to focus during feeds.

Use a haakaa for letdowns

Planning on building a milk supply? Buy a Haakaa—it's useful for simultaneous feeding and milk collection, easy to clean, and even helps unclog milk ducts. Check out our nursing dresses guide for breastfeeding mothers.

Switch from breast to bottle constantly

To ensure your baby is comfortable feeding from both you and a bottle, periodically offer a bottle. This helps prevent difficulty transitioning back from nipple to bottle.

Try giving frozen milk to baby when u first freeze

Establish your excess milk supply by freezing the first bag and feeding it to your baby. If the milk smells bad, scald it before freezing. Check if your baby accepts before building your stash.

Freeze milk right away if it’s for stash

Don't let breast milk sit long, especially if you have high lipase milk. Quickly freeze it to slow fat breakdown and preserve quality.

Breastfeeding necklace

Post 3 months of breastfeeding, you may face a distracted feeder. Try a breastfeeding necklace to grab your baby's attention. Check out this post for the best options.

Nursing bra & nursing dress/top

Invest in comfy nursing bras and dresses - a breastfeeding mom’s must-haves. It doesn't need to break the bank! Check here for top nursing bras and here for best nursing dresses.

How to breastfeed in public

Perfect your public breastfeeding technique for confidence. It's a game-changer! The Little Milk Bar's video shows how to do it without feeling exposed.

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