She Refuses To Change Her Horrendous Lifestyle Choices Even After Getting Pregnant

A woman struggles to persuade her pregnant, smoking, overweight best friend to quit for the baby's health during this exciting but worrying time.

Trying To Conceive

"Rain," trying for a baby simultaneously with her friend, notes her friend's unhealthy habits: heavy smoking and obesity (40+ BMI). Despite being 26 weeks pregnant herself, Rain worries about her friend's health and her baby's. Despite Rain's encouragement and advice for lifestyle changes from her own similar past experiences, her friend remains disinterested and resistant to seek professional help.

Will A Positive Test Change Everything?

"Rain disappointed as friend's positive pregnancy test didn’t change her lazy habits. Instead, she became overprotective, quit her job, and stays in bed all day."

Stopped Trying To Change

Rain said her pregnant friend stopped improving her lifestyle because her husband wouldn't. She believes the stress from lifestyle change is more harmful to her baby than smoking.

Rain Is Disappointed

Rain on the incident, "It horrified me; I can't talk to her anymore. Trying but failing is valid, but not trying [is another matter]."

She Will Change When She Wants

Rain was told that her friend won’t change until she wants to. One said, "Nothing you say will convince her to stop drinking. She knows but doesn't care. Until she cares, nothing changes."

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