“She Hasn’t Paid And It’s Been Six Months” – Young Man Deletes His Cousin’s Wedding Photos

A young man took to Reddit to ask the internet if he was in the wrong for deleting his cousin’s wedding photos. The original poster (OP) shares his side of the story online.

He Agreed To Take Wedding Photos

OP committed to photographing her cousin's wedding, capturing valuable moments like the bride getting ready, wearing a family heirloom, and more.

Not A Professional Photographer

Another photographer was there, so I only charged $50 and endured harassment from the bride's family from 8am-10pm.

After The Wedding

Post-wedding, OP prepared Sarah's photos for a $50 fee. Multiple attempts to contact her for the exchange went ignored. Read more

She Has Not Paid Him After Six Months

6 months post-wedding, OP & cousin went to the movies. Cousin: "Sarah asked when you'll give her the photos. She'll pay the $10 you asked."

He Gives Her An Ultimatum

OP was upset by his cousin's gaslighting attempt over a $50 dispute. He gave her two days to contact for payment or he’d delete the photos. She didn’t respond, so he erased them.

He Caused A Rift Between Family Members

OP's relatives are upset for deleting irreplaceable photos. His mom wants an apology but his brother thinks he held the photos for too long.

Most Comments Are On His Side

Most comments agree that his demands were justified, noting she could afford a wedding but not his $50 fee. One comment pointed out her lack of communication and refusal to respond to his attempts.

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