She Gives Breastmilk To Another Woman’s Child And The Internet Is In Shambles

A woman doesn’t quite know how to feel about her friend giving her son breastmilk. 

Friend Giving Her Son Breastmilk

OP is unsure how to feel about her friend breastfeeding her son without asking. Despite formula being available, her friend chose to feed her baby with her own milk. The OP seeks advice on the situation.

Was It Wrong

The internet can’t quite decide whether it’s ok. Many lean towards it being weird, but some say it’s ok. Here are some of the responses.

Some Say It’s Weird

A user remarked, "It's odd you breastfed him when formula was available. It wouldn't be strange if needed, but it's weird just because."

Others Say It’s Ok If It’s A Trusted Friend

"A woman shared, "I just collected a cooler full of breastmilk from my sister-in-law. I don't find sharing breastmilk with trusted family or friends weird.""

There Was No Need To Give Breastmilk

"It's common for women to share breastmilk. The problem is she didn't ask to feed your baby. There's no need for that in a 30-min setting. It's not an emergency."

Done On Autopilot?

Someone speculated a task may have been done on autopilot, using an example of accidentally cutting a friend's baby's nails without prior permission, to which the friend was understanding.

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