She Gives Breastmilk To Another Woman’s Child And The Internet Is In Shambles

A woman doesn’t quite know how to feel about her friend giving her son breastmilk. 

Friend Giving Her Son Breastmilk

OP is unsure whether to be upset about her friend feeding her son her own breast milk without asking. She left formula, but the friend gave her own milk instead. Is this wrong?

Was It Wrong

The internet can’t quite decide whether it’s ok. Many lean towards it being weird, but some say it’s ok. Here are some of the responses.

Some Say It’s Weird

A user remarked it's strange to feed a child formula despite having breastmilk. Adding, doing so when there's a need isn't weird.

Others Say It’s Ok If It’s A Trusted Friend

A woman shared, “Picked up a cooler of breastmilk from my sister-in-law. Sharing breastmilk is not weird.”

There Was No Need To Give Breastmilk

"It's common for women to donate breastmilk, but the issue is she didn't ask. No need for her to feed the baby in a non-emergency 30-minutes scenario."

Done On Autopilot?

Someone suggested it might have been done accidentally, like when they inadvertently cut their friend's baby's nails. Realizing their mistake, they apologized and were forgiven.

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