Realtors And Feet Pic Sellers: Reddit Users Share Professions That Offer a Lot of Money for Doing Something Insignificant

Some professions offer a lot of money for doing something that seems insignificant. Reddit users share some of these professions and why they are considered to be overpaid.


"A landlord's tenants cover repairs in exchange for low rent, says a relative. Critics call Realtors' pay outsized for simplicity of their work. Also, are reaction streamers overpaid?" Realtor Reaction Streamers

Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge fund managers earn vast sums, despite studies showing monkeys could manage funds equally well. They add no value and often earn less than non-human fund managers, a fact our capitalist society rejects.

Feet Pic Seller

Someone critiqued feet pic sellers for earning too much. Yet, others argue it's not easy as it requires considerable foot care, citing, "it's kinda wild".

Kardashian and Jenner Sisters

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are famous for being famous, with many questioning what exactly they do to deserve their wealth and fame.

Tech Venture Capitalist

Tech venture capitalists fund startups, potentially fueling unsustainable company growth by constantly demanding profits.


"Politicians are often criticized for underperformance, accused of being overpaid despite receiving payment for making policies and deceit."

Laser Hair Removal Tech

Learn “Laser hair removal tech: easy duties and high pay! Operate a nearly painless machine once trained & earn $250-300 per session." Some argue it's disproportionally rewarding!

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