Pregnant Women Share Cravings They Just Can’t Control – No Matter How They Try

Explore our listicle on intense pregnancy cravings that women can't seem to satisfy in moderation. A fascinating look into this well-known phenomenon.


“For me, Cheez-itz. 27 weeks and this baby is made of those damn crackers. I swear we buy a box a week.”

Rotisserie Chicken

“Also, rotisserie chicken. Not a guilty pleasure, but I’ve had a lot of it.”


“Bagels. So many bagels”

Bean Burritos

“I’m no longer pregnant, baby is 4.5 months now but I ate so many bean burritos from Taco Bell. At least 6 to 9 per week. This baby is 95% beans.”


“ALL the cereal! I hadn’t eaten cereal for over a decade before I got pregnant and now I’m all over it.”

Carbs and Sweets

“I’ve been craving carbs and sweets. Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pasta with pesto, Rice Krispie treats, cereal, bagel bites.”

Lays Wavy Chips

“Lays wavy chips (not ruffles) and dean’s french onion dip.”

Ice Cream Sandwiches

“Ice cream sandwiches (specifically the chocolate chip ones from Trader Joe’s) – it’s a problem.”


"Candy. Didn't crave sweets before pregnancy, now it's an issue due to food aversions. Sweets are half my caloric intake."

Excess Caffeine

“More caffeine then recommended.”

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