Pregnant Woman Shamed After Letting Her Baby ‘Freeze In The Cold’

A pregnant mother was recently subjected to the unwanted judgment of a complete stranger, and it has left her feeling shaken.

Out For A Walk

A 31-week pregnant woman was shamed for removing her coat while walking, with a stranger alleging she's going to be a bad mother as her unborn baby must be "freezing".

She Thought The Comment Was Ridiculous

A mother on Reddit clarified, "My baby is warm... Despite the sun, I wore maternity clothes. My baby matches my body temperature."

Others Agree With Her

Many defended her quickly with comments like, “The 24/7 climate-controlled baby is fine” and “pre-pregnancy, I was always cold. Now, I could wear a T-shirt in the snow.”

Learning Experience For What Is To Come

The expectant mom learns a vital lesson about handling others' opinions in parenthood. She's bound to get unsolicited advice, but no one knows her baby's needs better than her.

Mother Knows Best

Parents-to-be, remember you know what's best for your baby needs. Don't be swayed by unsolicited advice.

Unsolicited Comments During Pregnancy

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