Old Millennial Moms Discuss The Biggest Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Babies Later In Life

Older first time moms agree that financial stability and being more patient are the biggest advantages of having babies later in life.

40-Year-Old First Time Mom Talks About Her Experience

Having a child at a later age has pros and cons. A 40-year-old mom shared, "I'm financially prepared, with a nanny fund and family-ready home and cars."

Stable Career, More Solid Relationships

Having a child later in life provides stability, self-care time, growth, and a stronger relationship with your partner.

Physical Ailments

Having a baby later in life poses challenges like adjusting to sleep schedules and potential physical ailments. Despite this, older moms can successfully navigate motherhood with preparation, support, and understanding.

Good Benefits And More Savings

A 36-year-old first-time mom agreed, stating even with body issues, her benefits and savings allow her to afford physiotherapy and a personal trainer.

Back And Hip Pain

The advantages and drawbacks of late parenthood vary. A 34-year-old mom humorously admits to low energy and physical discomfort.

Emotional Maturity

First-time parents at an older age can experience more pros and cons. A 43-year-old mom shares, "The pro is perspective & emotional maturity, I'm patient, less anxious, not annoyed or deprived by parenting, immune to trends and influencers."

Fears Are Also Valid

Having a child later can come with challenges, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. As a 43-year-old mother said, "I love it! Hoping she'll keep me young."

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