“Neighbor Said My Baby Cries For Hours” Woman Discovers Husband Not Taking Care Of Their Child

Ella, a working mom, was outraged to discover her husband sleeping all day, neglecting their 4-month-old while at home, exacerbating her struggle to balance out work and family life.

Ella Goes Back To Work

Ella recently started working again 4 months after giving birth to her daughter. “Daycare is too expensive so my husband 35m reluctantly agreed to stay home,” she said.

Lazy Stay-at-Home Dad

Ella said, "My husband's been unemployed and on benefits since 2021. He's lazy, doesn't contribute to chores."

Nervous About Their Arrangement

Ella was anxious about leaving her daughter with her husband due to his personality. However, she was relieved to find him taking good care of their child while she was at work.

Neglectful Behavior

“My neighbor said my baby cries for hours when I'm away. I learned my husband sleeps all day, acting a caring role before I return home."

Drastic Action

Angry, Ella went undercover. She found her partner sleeping with his noise-cancelling headphones on and took her daughter to a friend's house.

Husband Wakes Up

"I waited two hours before calling him," Ella said. "He couldn't find the baby. I confessed before he called the police and he started insulting me."

Confrontation and Fallout

"His mom was home, 'calming his nerves' due to panic attack, also insulted me. Husband slept at her house. Family says I'm terrible."


Ella doesn’t feel guilt for what she did. “I know that it was extreme but I don’t know if I would consider myself a bad person.”

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