Millennials Are Slaying Marriage: 8 Reasons Why Millennials Are Getting Divorced Less

Dubbed the “marrying later” generation, millennials also boast lower divorce rates than predecessors. Here, we explore why their divorce rates are lower.

Higher Education Rates

"Millennials, with the highest rate of college education, tend to have more successful marriages."

Waiting to Get Married

"Millennials, marrying less than past generations, tend to be more committed when they do marry."

Moving in Together First

Many are choosing to live together for years before considering marriage.

Being More Selective

Millennials search for compatible partners more than past generations, valuing qualities for successful marriages.

Learning from Previous Generations

Millennials, having seen divorce's impact on older generations, may strive harder to make their own relationships successful.

Economic Uncertainty

"Economic uncertainty keeps couples together who'd prefer to split. It's not the only factor for millennials' lower divorce rates."

Too Expensive

Another said, humorously, “It’s too expensive to get divorced and procure another girlfriend, I’ll just have to settle for my current wife.”

Waiting Until Brain Is Fully Developed

Another pointed out that “we’re also waiting until our brains are fully developed (late-20’s) before choosing our partners.”

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