Millenial Mom With Thought Of Flying With A Baby

A woman becomes anxious about flying with a baby after reading comments on online forums.

Anxiety Over Flying

The OP posted on Reddit about her anxiety of flying with a baby, fearing judgement and claims of her being 'selfish' for subjecting the baby to air pressure and germs.

Moving Across The Country

OP is flying with her baby due to a cross-country move instead of a 20-hour drive. This exposed her to child-free people's beliefs, causing worry and self-doubt.

Words Of Reassurance

Many came to her aid, reassuring her she'll be fine. One shared her positive airplane experiences with babies, even when her two year old had an episode. The kindness of a fellow passenger managed to soothe the toddler, who fell asleep soon after.

Need For Noise-Cancelling Headphones

"A user shared fears over flight noise in 2023. Her brother-in-law said: 'If you don't own noise cancelling headphones, too bad.' She states, 'Babies can exist in public. Ignore grumpy passengers.'"

Not All Child-Free People Are Rude

"Child-free people aren't all rude. Most are neutral-positive about children. I've experienced a baby screaming during a flight. It was miserable, but I never blamed the mom. It was beyond her control!"

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