Millenial Mom With Thought Of Flying With A Baby

A woman becomes anxious about flying with a baby after reading comments on online forums.

Anxiety Over Flying

The OP shared her anxiety on Reddit about her upcoming flight with her baby, fearing judgment for perceived 'abuse' and 'selfishness'.

Moving Across The Country

OP is flying cross-country with her baby, sparking concerns about society's views on child-free travels. This experience makes her "wanna crawl into a hole".

Words Of Reassurance

When a woman was worried about a plane ride with her child, people reassured her with their positive experiences, like a man in her row distracting her toddler until he fell asleep.

Need For Noise-Cancelling Headphones

"She argued that in 2023 people should own noise-canceling headphones. She insisted that babies have the right to be in public spaces and if they cry, it’s okay. Others' bitter attitudes should not affect one’s trip."

Not All Child-Free People Are Rude

Many believe child-free people aren't inherently rude, often sympathizing with parents struggling to control a crying baby on planes. They don't always blame the parent in such scenarios.

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