“Keep Your Hands Off My Daughter” Aggressive Child Won’t Leave Her Child Alone

Playground visits should be fun. However, it can become stressful and upsetting if another child's behavior turns aggressive and inappropriate.

Event At Local Park

The mother, who we’ll call ‘Lila, began her story by saying that she took her 2.5 year old daughter to a local park for a little water play event.

Another Kid Latches On

"She enjoyed the slip and slide. An older girl joined in, common when older kids want to 'help the baby.' I wasn't worried," Lila said.

Situation Escalates

The girl went from trying to hug my daughter (who dislikes random hugs, saying "NO THANK YOU") to aggressive touching like holding her legs on the slide and hair pulling.

Lila Tries To Handle The Situation

Lila initially said, "Thanks, but my daughter doesn't need help." But she had to firmly tell the insistent child, "please keep your hands off my daughter."

Child’s Mom Does Nothing

Lila is frustrated because the mom wouldn't intervene, only giving a half-hearted "Matilda, don't do that," while remaining stationary.

Didn’t Want To Remove Her Daughter

"In a usual playground scenario, I'd move my daughter, but at this event, moving her from the slip and slide felt like punishment," said Lila.

When Should A Parent Intervene?

Lila wonders when it's proper to scold or touch another person's child, like moving a girl away from her daughter.

Others Chime In

Many say it's fine for her to scold the child. "Address the issue with the parent. If they object, inform them that you'll intervene to protect your daughter. This includes separating the children until their child behaves."

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