Instant Turn-Offs Women Do Which Completely Repel Men

Personal preferences vary, but some behaviors are universally unattractive. Here are 10 things women do that men find off-putting.

Making Fun of Their Partner in Front of Friends

When your partner is harsher to you around friends than alone, taunting you in ways they normally wouldn't.

Over-The-Top Solipsism

“That whole ‘I don’t perceive it that way, therefore you perceiving it that way cannot be valid’ mindset.”

Loud Empathy, Quiet Cruelty

“Loudly empathizing with every cause and group on the planet but treating people in their personal lives like trash.”

Constantly Mentioning Their Ex

“Mentioning their ex constantly.” Definitely unattractive and makes men put a pause in pursuing a future relationship with said woman.

Emasculating Men Who Show Emotions

“Denigrating and emasculating men who show emotions.”

Using Kids as Pawns

“Using a man’s kids as pawns in disputes, like cutting off visitation because you’re mad at him. It’s just cruel to the kids.”

Not Taking Accountability

"Not taking accountability is a major flaw. Messing up without apology or admission is unattractive. Own it and apologize like an adult."

Losing Their Temper with Children

“One time an ex screamed at her 2-year-old nephew. Instantly unattractive.”

Overdone Makeup

A man from Scotland is passionate about overdone makeup. “In Scotland. Obvious fake tan and overdone makeup. You’re in Glasgow, not Madrid.”

Confusing Confidence with Inconsideration

“Confusing confidence with being inconsiderate.”

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