I’m Sorry For Not Being More Sympathetic New Mom Apologizing To Her Mom Friends After Experiencing Childbirth Herself

One new mom reminds us it's easy to overlook the struggles of motherhood until you've experienced it, prompting her to apologize to friends who were moms before her.

Buying From Baby Registry

"She apologizes for not buying from the baby shower registry, assuming her cloth bibs choice was superior."

Being Insensitive During And After Pregnancy

She apologizes for being unsympathetic to her friends’ birth plans and their struggles during pregnancy and after birth.

Thinking It’s Easy To Be Home With Baby All Day

"She apologized for underestimating the struggles of parenting. "..I’m sorry for a lot of things," she admitted. This new mother's apology was her way of acknowledging the realities of parenthood.

Others Respond – Many Don’t Actually Buy From Registry

Many resonated with this apology, adding commentary. One said, “I usually don’t buy off the registry. I buy things moms suggest, like practical stuff, recommended by other parents. Is that a bad idea?"

Others Resonated With This Sentiment

Another agreed with the apology. "I had no clue until I was a mom myself," a woman said. I now see a difference between friends with and without kids. Those who helped versus those who expected lunch and just held the baby.

Another New Mom Agreed With The Baby Registry Comment

The registry thing was a huge realization as another woman recalled. Gifts were chosen on assumptions instead of what was asked during her pregnancy. Eventually, she needed to buy the items actually required herself.

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